How to Style a Dress

Dresses have become the staple garment of my wardrobe. Why do I love them so much? They are just so easy and comfortable to wear, plus they can half your dressing time. You do not have to think about which top goes with which pant or skirt. Here are some easy tips to styling a dress:

~ Wear it by itself
~ Add a statement necklace or scarf
~ Wear with leggings or tights and boots when the weather is cooler
~ Add a cardigan in an complimentary color
~ Add a belt. Change the belt color or width to create alternate looks
~ Add a fur or denim vest to make it casual
~ Add a jacket to dress it up
~ Change up your shoe choices

The key to finding a flattering style of dress is to look for one that highlights your narrowest point on your torso. So if you do not have a defined waist, look for those that come in just under the bust or those that skim past your waist without clinging. If you have a defined waist, look for styles which belt at your waist, have a seam at the waist or that are shaped to your waist. You always look stylish in a good quality well fitting dress!!
Inspiration from Pinterest.

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