Stylish Thoughts

Style is a celebration of our individuality! This is why there is no one way to look stylish and chic. My new motto is look good and feel fabulous ā€“ feel fabulous and look even better. Here are a couple of my stylish thoughts and ideas to keep in mind. My first thought is go ahead and spend your cash on one killer piece rather than five only alright pieces. I know I do not mind wearing the same fabulous piece over and over again, especially when the cost per wear whittles down to nothing. Secondly, the secret to looking polished is a fabulous haircut, a healthy glow, and well fitting clothes. A good tailor is a must. Further, I love to wear new trends. However, I always ground the outfit with classic pieces like layered necklaces, a crisp button down shirt or a structured jacket. One of my biggest pieces of advice is to HAVE FUN with fashion and style. Try new trends. Experiment. Find YOUR style!!

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