100 Things About me for my 100th Blog Post

From what I have heard the blogging Gods have decreed that when you get to 100 posts you have to do a “100 things you do not know about me” post. So here it goes:

1. I love shoes
2. Leopard print is my favorite color
3. I try to blog every day
4. My son is my Director of Operations
5. My favorite piece of clothing is a structured jacket
6. I am addicted to Diet Pepsi
7. I will be 44 in June and proud of it
8. I am a control freak
9. I dress like a slob at home
10. I decided to do this blog on a whim
11. I love doing this blog
12. I am high strung
13. I love hats, but not on me
13. I love a statement necklace
14. I grew up on a farm
15. I have never been to NYC
16. I have hazel eyes
17. I hate to iron
18. My attention span is fairly short
19. I love lunching with girlfriends
20. I have a cat, and his name is Max
21. I had Darren at 19, and wouldn’t change that for the world
22. I play Words with Friends A LOT
23. Fake people annoy me
24. I own a condo
25. I do not care for gold lame
26. PJs in public annoy me
27. I think America has become too casual in their dress
28. I am an over packer
29. I hate to fly (because of #28)
30. I don’t have a leather skirt, and I want one
31. I love purple and turquoise together
32. I do not like wine
33. I like Bud Light
34. I could live on pizza
35. I prefer costume jewelry over real jewelry
36. DSW is my favorite store
37. I love to sleep in
38. I have completed a half marathon
39. I do not like coffee
40. I do not like dogs
41. I am trying to grow out my bangs right now
42. I love a massage and / or facial
43. I do not sing Karaoke
44. I am very opinionated
45. I love dark wash jeans
46. I like going to comedy clubs
47. My parents have been together 45 years
48. I am twice divorced
49. I am very warm blooded
50. I am loud
51. I like going to the movies
52. I am not into really big crowds
53. I love cruises,even though I’ve only been on two
54. I do not like to gamble
55. I was in a play once
56. I am not a wallflower
57. I ran cross country in high school
58. I think all 80s fashion rocks
59. I was in 4H
60. I can barely sew a button back on
61. I have never broken a bone
62. My first kiss was at church camp
63. Charming Charlie is my favorite jewelry store
64. I’ve been throw off a horse
65. I have flipped a three wheeler, no helmet
66. I wear glasses 95% of the time
67. I am addicted to reality TV
68. I have to have a ceiling fan on to sleep
69. Yes please
70. Five Finger Death Punch is currently my favorite band
71. However 80s hair bands are my favorite “genre”
72. My first vehicle was a yellow truck
73. I want to go skydiving soon
74. Going to Italy is on my bucket list
75. I am a work-alcoholic
76. I love a one shoulder dress
77. I love a good road trip
78. My closet is VERY organized
79. I am not a morning person
80. I almost joined the Marine Corps
81. I would love to meet Stacy London and Clinton Kelly
82. I started driving at 12, yet failed my first driving test
83. I do believe in ghosts
84. I love fall fashion over summer fashion
85. I love a man with a shaved head….and tattoos
86. I have 73 pairs of shoes
87. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys
88. I graduated high school in 1988
89. I can follow a recipe, but I am not that great of a cook
90. I am the oldest with two younger brothers
91. I am a glass half full kinda person
92. I love a good scavenger hunt
93. I like the smell of fresh cut grass
94. I always make a wish when I see a falling star
95. I love meeting new people
96. I have no tattoos….yet
97. My favorite movie is The Breakfast Club
98. I am an organ donor
99. I took piano lessons, but don’t remember any of it
100. I love life and hope to continue blogging for years to come

And there you have it.

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