Interpreting Patterns and Prints

Frequently people ask me what patterns would suit them, and the answer lies in your personality traits. Who are you as a person? You will discover that you are more attracted to patterns that are representative of who you are as a person. These are the patterns make you feel the most comfortable. Here is my quick guide to interpreting prints and patterns.
1. Classic – Fine stripes, small polka dots – conventional, conservative, mature, reliable, trustworthy, safe, secure
2. Relaxed – Stripes and checks – down to earth, natural, unpretentious, easy-going, approachable
3. Dramatic – Big bold patterns, large scale, animal print, high contrast – dynamic, forceful, confident, exciting
4. Elegant Chic – Geometric – urbane, cultured, poised, discerning, refined
5. Rebellious – Graphics, leopard – anti-establishment, unconventional, sexy, shocking, defiant
6. Creative – Digital prints, wearable art, tie dye, ethnic, abstract – innovative, individual, edgy, whimsical, bohemian, eclectic
7. Feminine – Nature based, floral, butterflies, paisley – unambitious, caring, nurturing, gentle, romantic

So, which patterns do you like best? Which appeal to you? Do you appreciate some patterns on other people, but realize that you would feel uncomfortable wearing them? Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that are patterned that you never wear? Think about your personality when shopping next time. What do you want to convey to the world about your personality through your outfit?

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