Rules for Rocking the Crop Top

When it comes to spring trends that make me nervous, crop tops are at the top of my list. The short hemmed shirts put all the attention on the midriff, which can be terrifying if you have not been to the gym since last year. Believe it or not though, this is not a trend you have to sit out. I have a few tips for rocking crop tops for almost every shape and size. If you have a little pooch, that does not mean you have to keep from embracing crop tops. Pair your top with a high waisted skirt or shorts to keep the focus on the tightest part of your tummy. This is also the perfect trick for my curvy girls.
If you want to hide your stomach, then wear your crop top with a fitted tank top or dress underneath. The layering trick is perfect for camouflaging your midsection.
If you have a small bust, crop tips with a print, ruffle detailing or even pockets will add volume and give the illusion of a fuller bust. Low cut crop tops with built-in cups will also help to give you a little boost. If you have a large bust, choosing the right fabric is key. Stretch material will expand to fit your curves comfortably without bunching up or rising. Just remember, a little goes a long way when you are baring your midriff!

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