Three Jackets Every Girl Needs

Spring is the perfect season for tracking down one key piece you can wear with everything. Something you can wear day in and day out. And for that exact reason, jackets are that ideal piece to covet this season. The first jacket you should own is a leather jacket. Nothing epitomizes cool as an all black leather jacket. For extra oomph, choose one with hidden pockets and zippers galore. Or you can opt for a sleek, minimal, and chic version. Either way, a black leather jacket is a must have!
A second must have jacket is the colored blazer. It takes a punch of confidence to pull off a vibrantly hued blazer. The secret to pulling this look off? Choose a common color, like blue, and turn the contrast up a notch. A statement jacket like this will turns heads for all the right reasons.
Lastly, everyone should definitely own a denim jacket. Cool spring days call for fun accessories and creative layering. So it is no surprise a stylish girl, regularly throws on a classic denim jacket over colored jeans or a floral dress. They are so versatile!!
Inspiration from Pinterest.

3 thoughts on “Three Jackets Every Girl Needs

  1. I totally agree! especially with the colored blazer, you can throw it on top of literally anything! 🙂

  2. What about the length of the jacket? I have a hard time wearing jackets because I feel like they are too short and make my hips look HUGE! What’s the rule of thumb for length?

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