Tips for Tall Ladies

Have you ever walked into a room, only to realize that you easily tower over everyone including the men? Do you then choose to dress quietly and conservatively to blend into the crowd? Who wants to blend into the crowd? Instead, make the most of the inevitable stares and wow them with the following styling tips. My number one tip is to wear gorgeous shoes. When you are tall, people inevitably look at your feet for some reason. So you might as well take advantage of this, and invest in awesome shoes. Do not fear heels. Most woman feel sexy in a great pair of stilettos, so rock them. Secondly, make your accessories over sized. Do not be afraid to carry a giant handbag or wear thick arm bangles. Pair a thick belt with a shift dress. Just limit yourself to one over sized accessory per outfit. Another great tip is to show some skin. The trick is to play it up without looking skanky. Focus on showing off one area at a time. This way you will grab attention, but not in the wrong way. If you are headed out for the evening, your long expanse of neck and your extra decolletage are assets you should highlight. Choose interesting necklines, pull your hair back, and wear necklaces or large earrings that draw the eye upwards to your face. Lastly, add a splash of color to your everyday look. Color adds interest to an outfit, and a woman wearing color exudes confidence. You do not have to add much, just throw on a turquoise necklace with your brown jacket or wear red heels with your little black dress. Color can also draw attention to your favorite assets, so if you love your narrow waist, wear a bright belt. Your height is something that you should embrace, because it can make you stand out in a really great way.

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