Tips for Petite Ladies

If you have a petite frame, have you ever felt like most clothes of the rack just do not fit you? Well, it is not your imagination. Standard retailers make their clothes for a taller than average shopper. So if you are short, you know that means you are short on options (pun intended) when it comes to finding clothes. I have some basics tips for you to make the shopping experience more productive. First, make sure your clothes fit perfectly. A too long sleeve will emphasize your lack of stature. So if you are petite, expect to have all your clothing tailored to fit your unique size. Secondly, wear more neutrals and more muted colors. We tend to associate bright colors with children, neutrals with grown ups. Another tip is to steer clear of clothes with volume. Too much fabric will overwhelm your small frame, and make you look even smaller. Finally, wear more structured clothing. A structured jacket will make you look more professional than layers of knits. A shirt with a collar, tailored trousers, a simple, elegant shift dress all go to making you look more mature. I truly believe you can wear almost anything, as long as it is the right proportion to your petite frame. You just have to pay particular attention to where things fall on your body.

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