Denim on Denim

Have you ever heard the term “Canadian Tuxedo”? If you have seen the movie Super Troopers, than you should remember this is the term used to describe someone wearing jeans with a denim jacket or shirt. Five years ago I would have rolled my eyes when I saw someone wearing jeans with a denim jacket. However fashion is ever changing, and this once faux pas has evolved into the new chic trend. I personally do not care for the look of a head to toe denim ensemble, but the trend is here. If you are going to give this look a try, I have come up with a couple style tips that will have you mixing and matching denim and chambray like a professional. One of the most important things to know about wearing denim head to toe is that your shades of blue do not have to match. I think it keeps the look more interesting when lighter denim is paired with a darker wash. Another way to rock this two toned denim trend is by mixing distressed pieces with cleaner cuts. Do not limit your style by thinking that denim pieces can only come in the form of basic tops and bottoms. There is everything from knee length blue jean pencil skirts to denim designer handbags. So look through your collection of denim, and start rocking your own version of the “Canadian Tuxedo”.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

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