What to Wear to Happy Hour

Oh yeah it is Friday, and I have my mind on Happy Hour cocktails. Are you heading out for drinks after work, but blanking on what to wear? Your choice of what to wear may be different, depending on who you are meeting up with and where you are going. Planning ahead will ensure you look great. So whether you go out for Happy Hour with coworkers or start the weekend off with girlfriends, it is never too early to start thinking about what you will wear. Coworker Happy Hour means you will be coming straight from work, so an all out wardrobe change is not going to be an option. Just plan what you will wear to the office a day ahead of time, so you can make a quick adjustment for a new look for Happy Hour. If you wear a suit or jacket to the office that day, add a pretty blouse underneath for the work day. Then as you head out for drinks, remove the jacket and add a necklace. This makes the outfit more casual with little to no effort. Another option would be to add a scarf. A simple accessory change can take your look from classic office look to Happy Hour chic. If you are like me, and you are meeting your girlfriends for Happy Hour, that could be a prelude to an evening out, so again you want to be prepared. If you know you are not going to have time to change after work, a simple little black dress will always work. You can just change from a classic work pump to sexy heels to liven up your look for evening. No matter who you are meeting for cocktails, there are simple, quick changes that can bring your day look into the evening. Bottoms up!!

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