Wardrobe Storage Tips

How you organize and store your clothes is a personal choice. Of course, it depends on what your wardrobe looks like and how much space you have. I have a full walk in closet to myself, so I hang almost everything. Most women go to their hanging section first when looking for an outfit for the day. So if you can see your items hanging, then you are more likely to wear them. When hanging items, make sure each piece has its own hanger. I prefer to group my items, such as all skirts together, then all pants together, and finally all dresses together. This allows you to discover more mix and match possibilities as you start to see what your options are at a quick glance. Another great tip is to hang like colors together. I go through the rainbow, starting with white, then through the rainbow ending with brown, grey and black. Do not use wire hangers. They leave rust spots on your clothes. Dresser drawers are great for underwear, sleepwear, exercise wear, shorts, beach wear, but not much else. Have you ever cleaned out a drawer and found a shirt you forgot you had? Shelves are a wonderful place for knitwear, as they will stretch if hung. Shelves can also be great for jeans, shorts and exercise wear. Shelves can also work for shoes, if you have lots of them like me. I keep my shoes in the box they came in, so at a glance, I can easily find the shoes I want. Handbags can be stored on shelves as well. Once you get organized and have everything neatly stored, getting ready in the morning should take a lot less time.

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