Dressing Youthful ~ But Not Too Young

We have all witnessed it, a woman wearing a piece of clothing or an entire outfit that is WAY too young for them. It could be a too short skirt or a bubble gum pink top cut way too low. If you are over the age of 13, you cannot and should not shop in the junior’s department. It has the opposite effect making you look desperate and trashy. Period. I understand how difficult it can be for the 30 or 40 year old to find clothes that still make them look young, but are not so young looking that they make them look silly. There a huge difference between youthful and young. Think about these two questions when choosing your clothes. First, what is the situation or occasion – where are you going? What are you doing? What is appropriate? Secondly, what do you want to convey – how do you want to be perceived? What is the message you are wanting to share about your personality and level of success?


Avoid clothing styles that are typical in children’s clothing, such as frill at the bottom of a skirt. If you want to be taken serious, avoid micro mini skirts. Skirts and dress hems should hit no higher than just above the knee. Wear clothing that suits your current body shape, not the shape you may have had in the past. Understand what suits your current body shape and dress to flatter it. Remain current with trends, but choose trends that suit you. Do not wear something just because it is in fashion. Develop your own style. The more you know about you and represent who you are through your clothing in an authentic way, the more stylish and confident you will appear. Look for quality fabrics, fit and construction. When your clothes are made from good quality fabrics, they will last longer and will look made for you, thus make you look more successful. My final suggestion is to accessorize. You can wear simple and understated clothes, have less clothing in your wardrobe, but of higher quality, and change up their look with accessories that are interesting. You have probably gotten into some shopping habits which have you only checking out the same stores over and over. Get out of your rut, and try a new store. You may discover a new place you never considered before really works for you.

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