Packing Tips for Traveling

I am a total over packer, which is why I would prefer to drive versus fly. When I am driving, I can pack a trunk full of clothes for a weekend trip. Unfortunately that is not always an option. Since it is cumbersome to carry so much stuff on trips, and because the airlines have enacted stricter weight limits for baggage, I have had to come up with a better packing strategy when I fly. So I decided to choose a color palette as the first step in this process. This consist of selecting two neutrals and one bright color, which coordinate well with each other. You can limit printed pieces in your travel wardrobe, and instead use scarves and jewelry to add visual interest to your outfits. Scarves and jewelry obviously take less space, yet are just as effective at bringing an outfit together. Another idea is to pack garments that are wrinkle resistant. These pieces can be worn more than once without having to be washed or ironed. Another important decision besides selecting your color palette is to choose the shoes you will be packing. Keep in mind these are the heaviest items, yet the most critical in terms of comfort. Selecting travel pieces based upon your likely activities during your trip is smart. Always pack your favorite pieces rather than new or untested items. This way you can be assured of being comfortable and happy in what you are wearing. Now it is time to concentrate your attention on enjoying my trip!

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