Wearing Horizontal Stripes

I know, I know, you have been told all your life not to wear horizontal stripes because they are not flattering. Do not believe everything you hear, unless of course you are reading this blog. I wear pattern almost every day, including stripes. Plus, the current craze for nautical stripes puts this unnecessary rule about not wearing horizontal stripes to bed. I do have a couple of tips if you are going to wear stripes though. I strongly suggest pairing a striped piece with a neutral or solid. If you are going to wear a striped top, pair it with dark wash jeans or a plain colored pencil skirt. If you are going for a chunkier, wider horizontal stripe, make sure that you are exposing some skin. I suggest tops with horizontal stripes be worn in v-neck or off-the-shoulder, so you can see where the stripe ends and the body begins. The bottom line with horizontal stripes is it is all in the detail, the scale and your shape and scale and how you wear them.


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