My Favorite Color ~ Leopard Print

I love leopard print. It is my favorite pattern hands down. I consider it a neutral, but that is just me. However, leopard print can be a tricky trend to pull off. One minute you are looking all fabulous, and the next you have gone overboard, looking like a caricature of a soap opera star in her fifties. If you get it right, leopard print can look stylish and interesting. If you get it wrong, it can looks horrendous. Here are a couple of helpful tips, so you do not look like you are trying too hard. First of all, choose one piece at a time. It can be an entire dress if you want, or a jacket or a shoe, just not all together. You might think that once you have seen one leopard you have seen them all, but a leopard does change its spots. Prints and colors vary hugely between stores and designers. You might find that you cannot wear traditional leopard print because it is too orange, but a blue or grey might suit you. The shape of the spots makes a difference as well. Sometimes you need something subtle, especially for an important meeting in your office. If you are still testing the animal print waters, start small with a pair of shoes or a scarf. Everyone should own at least one piece of leopard print. Meow.


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