What to Wear to an Outdoor Party

The temperature is rising, and the sun is finally shining. It is so close I can almost smell spring. You know what that means, outdoor party season is right around the corner. I cannot wait for cocktails on the back deck with friends, rooftop bashes and beach side soirees. So of course my first question is what I am going to wear? My first go to look is the maxi dress. They are super comfortable and versatile.


A festive outing is the perfect time to try out a super fun patterned pair of shorts. Just make sure the length of the shorts are age appropriate. If you are still not sure about the shorts thing, try a loose fitting silhouette with tailored elements like cuffed hems.


If you do not like maxi dresses or wearing shorts, then your best bet is the summer dress.


One of the best things about open air parties, is chatting with friends, dancing and enjoy a good drink under the stars. Outdoor parties can have different atmospheres and settings. They can be a casual hang out in the yard of a friend, a BBQ or a formal garden event. If the party is completely casual, you can wear whatever catches your fancy. Most of all enjoy yourself.

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