Tips for Plus Size Online Shopping

Let me tell you from my experience, most of the really good plus size shopping is only to be had online. But online shopping can be like target practice. If you have not practiced lately, it can be a real hit or miss. Even if you have perfected this craft, you can still be caught off guard. So what do you do? Where do you go? How does one navigate the online world? The best way is to know what to expect and prepare yourself proactively. Check out my tips below and get to shopping.

1. Know your measurements. I fluctuate often. So now your of my measurements when ordering online. This works wonders and helps me know what to expect.

2. Blogger Reviews. Whether in an official review capacity or in outfit post, seeing how an item looks on a fellow blogger and reading their experiences helps me. Blogs are meant to help (just like this blog).

3. Get Social. Many of our favorite online haunts have Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest or a combination of them! Most are quite reactive and proactive about communicating with shoppers! If you have a question, do not be shy and definitely ask!

4. Familiarize Yourself with the Designer. This one is important. Many brands and designers cater to a specific subset within the plus size fashion arena. Some are more vintage while others are business casual friendly. Some are more conservative while others are more edgy and bold. Some are more pricey, yet others are budget friendly. Knowing what to expect will help set expectations!

5. Check the Shipping / Return Policies. I always check on this. I hate to return items, so I like to check up on the shipping policies. Some places, like Dress Barn will let you return it to the store, even if you purchased it online. Or course, always keep your receipt and packing slip. I probably shop too much, but free shipping or an understandable return policy is a must!

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