Jewel Tones

The list of “flattering on everyone” is a very short list. However there is an entire family of colors that look great on everyone, and that is jewel tones. These rich and saturated colors compliment all skin tones and hair colors. My favorite of the jewel tones is emerald green. Rocking this rich shade in your jewelry, accessories, or through your clothing just exudes sophistication. This color is especially flattering on a red head. The two complimentary colors result in a contrast that will catch every eye on the street. As I was looking through my own wardrobe, I realized I am seriously lacking in the blue department. Shame on me, because sapphire blue looks amazing on everyone. The richest of the jewel tones of course is royal purple. Get a pop of this color anyway you can in your wardrobe. It photographs very well, so consider this color when you attend an event where there will be lots of photos being taken. The ultimate stunner shade is ruby red. Red says power, wealth, and it is also so darn sexy. The deep ruby shade is the best option if you are lost on which shade of red is perfect for you. Give your everyday style a twist by adding some jewel tone pieces.


These visuals came from Pinterest.

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