Denim on Denim

Have you ever heard the term “Canadian Tuxedo”? If you have seen the movie Super Troopers, than you should remember this is the term used to describe someone wearing jeans with a denim jacket or shirt. Five years ago I would have rolled my eyes when I saw someone wearing jeans with a denim jacket. However fashion is ever changing, and this once faux pas has evolved into the new chic trend. I personally do not care for the look of a head to toe denim ensemble, but the trend is here. If you are going to give this look a try, I have come up with a couple style tips that will have you mixing and matching denim and chambray like a professional. One of the most important things to know about wearing denim head to toe is that your shades of blue do not have to match. I think it keeps the look more interesting when lighter denim is paired with a darker wash. Another way to rock this two toned denim trend is by mixing distressed pieces with cleaner cuts. Do not limit your style by thinking that denim pieces can only come in the form of basic tops and bottoms. There is everything from knee length blue jean pencil skirts to denim designer handbags. So look through your collection of denim, and start rocking your own version of the “Canadian Tuxedo”.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

Look Stylish in a Formal Office

Even if your office attire does not require wearing a suit, or you just do not like wearing suits, you can still look sharp at the office. The key is to look for clothes with some structure. When we think about a suit what are its key elements? Collar, structure, sleeves, neutral color and class styling. So when you do not want to wear a suit, make sure your outfit has the feel of a suit in a way, so that you look conservative enough to blend in.

Collar: Look for clothes that have a collar or higher neckline in appearance, or even the feel of a collar.
Structure: Your clothes need to be made of fabrics with some weight, not light and airy, as they convey more authority. A set in sleeve rather than a raglan sleeve will always appear more formal.
Sleeves: If men are wearing suits and ties, women need to cover the tops of their arms. Look for garments that have sleeves built in.
Neutral Colors: Wear more neutrals rather than really bright colors. You can still wear color, but opt for solids over patterns as they appear more business like and team back with neutrals.
Classic Styling: You do not have to wear a matching suit, think about a jacket and pants or skirt that work together, but are not a formal suit. This can work well for many who have a more relaxed personal style and feel suits are too conservative.

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What to Wear to Happy Hour

Oh yeah it is Friday, and I have my mind on Happy Hour cocktails. Are you heading out for drinks after work, but blanking on what to wear? Your choice of what to wear may be different, depending on who you are meeting up with and where you are going. Planning ahead will ensure you look great. So whether you go out for Happy Hour with coworkers or start the weekend off with girlfriends, it is never too early to start thinking about what you will wear. Coworker Happy Hour means you will be coming straight from work, so an all out wardrobe change is not going to be an option. Just plan what you will wear to the office a day ahead of time, so you can make a quick adjustment for a new look for Happy Hour. If you wear a suit or jacket to the office that day, add a pretty blouse underneath for the work day. Then as you head out for drinks, remove the jacket and add a necklace. This makes the outfit more casual with little to no effort. Another option would be to add a scarf. A simple accessory change can take your look from classic office look to Happy Hour chic. If you are like me, and you are meeting your girlfriends for Happy Hour, that could be a prelude to an evening out, so again you want to be prepared. If you know you are not going to have time to change after work, a simple little black dress will always work. You can just change from a classic work pump to sexy heels to liven up your look for evening. No matter who you are meeting for cocktails, there are simple, quick changes that can bring your day look into the evening. Bottoms up!!

What to Wear to a Pool Party

The words poolside and confidence usually do not seem like they go together. So when I get an invitation to a pool party, my first thoughts are what do I wear to a pool party? Do you feel the same way? Well, the anxiety of accepting a pool party invitation this summer will vanish when you read these helpful styling tips for fun under the sun. The first step is to pick a color scheme. Look in your closet and write down the colors you see. Take that with you when you go shopping for your swimsuit. The colors that you are already comfortable wearing should be represented in your new swimsuit. Take what you know about your favorite colors and put them in a bold print. Explore bathing suits and cover-ups in eye-catching prints such as graphic, animal, floral, and tropical. Do not forget the extras. These are the things that make you feel dressed. Sunglasses, the tote bag, the cover up, the accessories, and the shoes are part of the complete ensemble. Make sure all the pieces relate and harmonize with each other. If you are not going to be splashing in the water, then make a splash with your outfit. Look for a relaxed floral or striped dress that comes to the knee or the ankle. Consider wearing a tunic over a white jean skirt or a linen pant. Warm weather fabrics to choose from are cotton, linen, lace, eyelet, or seersucker. If you prefer wearing neutral colored separates, all you need to make your poolside entrance is one bold accessory. Consider the wide brimmed floppy hat, a lightweight infinity scarf, or a metallic wedge sandal. Protect your face and do not be afraid to let your sunglasses be the main event. Now grab a nice cold adult beverage and enjoy the sun!!


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Selecting the Right Swimsuit

If the results of my informal poll the other day are any indication, there are few things, when it comes to clothing, that give women more anxiety than swimsuit shopping. First, there is the process of weeding through the multitudes of possibilities, and then there is the actual wearing of it. Finding the right swimsuit that is designed for your figure can go a long way toward quieting that anxiety. When looking for the ideal swimwear, what you are going for is something that makes you look good proportionally, that creates an hourglass figure, and will disguise what you consider to be your trouble spots. If you want to camouflage your tummy, look for a suit that flatters and firms. Shirring should be good, color blocking, and asymmetrical patterns are ideal. If you want to minimize your hips, you need to find a suit that flatters the leg. You should look for a suit that is cut up higher on the leg, because it makes your hips look smaller. Dark bottoms are good. Also try to find a swimsuit with visual interest across the top to take your eye away from the hip area. Tankinis and two-piece suits are great if you have a long torso. The emphasis at the waist takes the focus off the length of your torso. If you have a full bust, do not despair. There are many swimsuits that come in D-F cups. These suits provide support and coverage, yet are still very much in fashion. Retailers have come to realize that there are many full busted ladies out there who want great looking swimsuits. You can find them with and without wires and with tummy control if you desire. If you have the opposite issue with a small bust, there are swimsuits that will provide cleavage and fullness. To start, look for suits that have push-up cups or pads inside. Shirring, ruffles and embellishments across the bust also add some fullness. My best tip is to shop for a swimsuit on a day you are feeling confident and are in good spirits. Now hit the beach and let the sun shine!!


My favorite website for swimwear, including plus size, is

Wardrobe Storage Tips

How you organize and store your clothes is a personal choice. Of course, it depends on what your wardrobe looks like and how much space you have. I have a full walk in closet to myself, so I hang almost everything. Most women go to their hanging section first when looking for an outfit for the day. So if you can see your items hanging, then you are more likely to wear them. When hanging items, make sure each piece has its own hanger. I prefer to group my items, such as all skirts together, then all pants together, and finally all dresses together. This allows you to discover more mix and match possibilities as you start to see what your options are at a quick glance. Another great tip is to hang like colors together. I go through the rainbow, starting with white, then through the rainbow ending with brown, grey and black. Do not use wire hangers. They leave rust spots on your clothes. Dresser drawers are great for underwear, sleepwear, exercise wear, shorts, beach wear, but not much else. Have you ever cleaned out a drawer and found a shirt you forgot you had? Shelves are a wonderful place for knitwear, as they will stretch if hung. Shelves can also be great for jeans, shorts and exercise wear. Shelves can also work for shoes, if you have lots of them like me. I keep my shoes in the box they came in, so at a glance, I can easily find the shoes I want. Handbags can be stored on shelves as well. Once you get organized and have everything neatly stored, getting ready in the morning should take a lot less time.

Complete the Look

The ultimate way to bring an outfit together is with a completer piece. A completer piece can be a jacket, cardigan, coat, vest or blazer. It is the piece of clothing that can add the excitement, personality and visual interest to your outfit when everything else you are wearing are basics. It is the third piece in the outfit that brings it all together.

3rd piece

Try adding a completer piece over a floral summer dress if you are going to a restaurant or movie theater where it may be chilly.


Completer pieces can be long sleeve, short sleeve or even sleeveless. The choice is yours. Completer pieces can be worn in any season, even in the summer. They are also a great way to cover over your mid section. They can be quite disguising as well as stylish. Picture inspirations from Pinterest.