LBD for Every Body Type

Everyone should have their go to little black dress, so they are ready for an event or party without a stressful last minute dash to the mall. The little black dress comes in so many different styles, you just need to find one that flatters your figure. The easiest way to balance a bottom heavy figure is to choose a little black dress that skims over the lower half of the body. Fuller skirts disguise heavy hips, while showing off the waist. A fitted halter or strapless silhouette, which accents a trim upper body, is very flattering for bottom heavy figures.


If you do not want to show off your legs, you can still look gorgeous in a little black dress, instead of hiding your legs in pants. Just choose a longer skirt like the one below.


You do not need to hide your upper body if you have wide shoulders. Instead, look for body balancing details like the trendy asymmetrical neckline, like this one shoulder style.


Flatter a full bust by drawing the eye to sexy slit sleeves like on this trendy little black dress below. Balance a top heavy figure by opting for a flattering necklines suchs as the V-neck, square neck, wrap or portrait style.


Most clothing actually hangs better on women with smaller busts, but if you want to add more volume up top look for embellishment or fullness on the bust. This dress below has allover rosettes, including on the bust, which give you a flattering boost.


If your body lacks natural curves, add feminine presence with texture like with this ruffled black dress. You can also pump up the volume with extra details like full sleeves, ruched waist, layers and ruffles.


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