Dressing Room Mistakes

When something does not fit perfectly in the dressing room, we tend to crumple it up and kick it across the floor, right? Instead, take a minute and figure out why it does not work before dismissing it. Do you just need a smaller or larger size? If the trousers are too long, think about having them tailored if they fit everywhere else. Basically, slow down and consider your options before putting it back on the rack. Another mistake women make when trying on items is not looking at the care tag. We have all been burned by a gorgeous dress we bought that wound up costing a fortune in dry cleaning bills. There are plenty of clothes that say dry clean only, but can be hand washed. Natural fibers respond well to hand washing. Further, do not only shop the sale rack. I love a bargain, just like the next girl. The main problem with the sale rack is that you often end up purchasing things just because they are on sale, not because you have a real need for that item. You can find some great bargains in there! But before you dive in, just remind yourself of these pitfalls so you are not caught off guard. Lastly, consider what you will be shopping for before you leave the house. If you have looking for dress for a party and you already have the shoes, take them with you to the store. You definitely want to try them on together. If you are looking for blouses, make sure you wear or take the trousers or skirt you will be wearing those blouses with, so you know how they will look together. On a final note, just remember shopping is not supposed to leave you stressed out and in tears, wishing you had a different body. You are beautiful just the way you are, and as long as you steer clear of these shopping mistakes, I guarantee you will have a much better experience on your next trip to the dressing room.

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