Tricks to Make You Look Thinner

We all have those days when we feel fat. It does not matter if the number on the scale has not changed. There are just days where we feel sluggish or bloated. It happens to the best of us, including me. There are ways to camouflage and use tactical dressing to your advantage. A structured jacket that hits below the waist is the best way to conceal a midsection. Wearing a structured jacket that nips in at the waist can literally make you look ten pounds thinner instantly. Another slimming tip is to wear a V-neck blouse or top. This brings the eyes upward away from your midsection. Adding a statement necklace or scarf not only draws the eyes upward, but gives the outfit some visual interest. Wearing a dark wash jean is the most flattering style because they are dark and simple. Avoid embellishments to your back pockets, as they draw attention. Take notice of where your top meets your trousers. The best look is to have your top and trousers meet just above your natural waistline. Invest in heels that match your skin tone. This elongates the leg and makes you look taller and thinner. All of these tricks reduce the amount of girth everyone sees, therefore making you look thinner. So have that dessert, but wear a structured jacket to the restaurant!!


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