Graphic Prints

Graphics prints are all over this upcoming spring season. Floral, geometric, stripes and checkered prints are all considered graphic prints. They are fun, fashionable and modern. However, if you are going to wear graphic prints make sure to keep them proportional to your frame. Curvier women can wear bigger prints, but smaller women should keep the print small. If you are not confident enough to wear an all over print, start with a separate such as a blouse. Coordinate prints with neutrals such as a solid colored skirt or trouser. Another way to introduce prints into your wardrobe is through accessories. A graphic print scarf paired with a neutral gives your outfit visual interest without being overwhelming. If you are going to wear a graphic print dress, pair it with simple accessories. Your shoes and handbag should be simple as well. Graphic prints are a great way to play with color. You can make quite a splash in print, so give them a try!!


I found inspiration on Pinterest for these outfits.

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