Shoe Selection

Women get a bad rap when it comes to the number of shoes they own. However, with all the endless styles and colors how can anyone blame us? My philosophy is you can never have too much money or too many pairs of shoes. If you have a closet floor full of shoes, but you are not sure what outfits to pair them with, this blog is for you. The first step in choosing the best shoes is selecting shoes that compliment your outfit, rather than choosing shoes that compete with your outfit. If your outfit has prints and texture, maybe tone down the shoes. However, if your outfit is neutral or simple, you can pair this with a busier pair of shoes. It can be difficult to find shoes that compliment your outfit, without overpowering it. The reality is, it is a simple balancing act. Shoes are the perfect way to add that pop of color to a solid colored dress. However if your outfit is very colorful, think about a nude or black pair of shoes. Why not pair a leopard print pair of shoes with a black trouser and neutral colored top? Hone in on one color if you are wearing a multi-colored outfit. For example if you blouse has pink and purple hues, choose a purple shoe bringing out the purple in the blouse. As a general rule, tights look best with shoes or boots that are the same color or darker. Every women should own a pair of neutral pumps, knee high black boots, a cute pair of ballet flats, black pumps, earth tone wedge sandals, a metallic flat sandal and one pair of must have shoes. For me, a must have shoe is either an animal print or bold colored velvet bootie.


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