Does Size Matter?

Take a look at the clothes in your closet right now. They probably are not all the same size. In fact, they probably vary in many different sizes, yet they fit. This means a size 12 for example is not the same in every store. Some companies may cut sizes small to save on manufacturing, and other companies may cut their sizes larger, making you think you are smaller so you will buy more. So if we are being rational, we should not care about what size is on the label. No one but you see the size label anyway. When it comes to sizing, there are no universal standards. We should only care about the true fit of the piece on our body. In an effort to stay sane and overcome sizing insanity, we should find clothing lines that work for our own body. For example, if you find you are a size 14 at Ann Taylor and you like that look, stick with what you know. Do not get hung up on the label. Focus on fit!!

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