My Top 25 Fashion Tips

Being a fashionista can be a struggle at times. What colors look good on you? What styles should you wear? Should you follow the trends? Can you pull off the skinny jean look? I get it. It can be overwhelming. I decided to put together a list of my top twenty five fashion tips.

1. Know your body type. Once you know your silhouette and what flatters your figure, you are set.
2. Hit the dressing room. NEVER purchase a piece of clothing without trying it on.
3. Organize your closet. This way you know what you have before purchasing new items.
4. Open your mind. Try something on you might not like on the hanger, because it may look completely different on.
5. Never buy a boring coat. Never make purchasing outerwear an afterthought.
6. Own something leopard print. If you are not ready for a dress in leopard, start with a belt.
7. Conquer your fear of color and print. Start safe, and mix it with a neutral.
8. Only buy a bargain if you love it. Do not waste money on something only ok.
9. Own a structured jacket. This is a must have in every woman’s closet to create that slimming look.
10. Never wear PJs in public. I can not say this enough.
11. Have a good tailor. This raises the quality of moderately priced clothes.
12. Accessorize. Statement necklaces, scarves, shoes can make an average outfit look amazing.
13. Jazz up your light black dress. Add a jacket, colored shoes or statement necklace.
14. Dress up when you leave the house. You can be comfortable and chic at the same time.
15. Create your own style journal. Get a compliment on your outfit, make a note of it for future reference.
16. Dress your age. Wearing clothes that are too young or too old for you does not look good.
17. Own a pair of nude heels. They go with everything.
18. Mix your prints. Combining colors and patterns for visual interest.
19. Consider wear and care. Before you purchase a new item, think about how it will look after a few washings.
20. Accessorize with bright colors. If you have a closet full of neutrals, add energy with a pop of color.
21. Show skin strategically. Looking sexy is knowing what to bare, so do not show too much.
22. Focus on your strengths. If you have great legs, show them off.
23. Do not break the bank. Shoppers do not have to spend a lot to be fashionable.
24. Black is not slimming. Proper fit is all that matters.
25. Own a wrap dress. They flatter all body types.

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