Dressing Your Body Type

Getting dressed every morning is a lot easier if you know how to choose pieces that works with your body shape. Shape is all about proportion of your body not the number on the scale.  A tall woman and a shorter one could have the same body shape.  Everyone is unique, but there are four basic body shapes.

Pear Shaped:  This body shape is where your hips are wider than your upper body.  This is the most common body type, and be very feminine and attractive if dressed correctly.  Steer clear of skinny jeans.  Boot cut or wide leg pants are a more flattering choice.  Avoid skirts that are overly clingy as they will accentuate larger hips.  A-line skirts are perfect for a pear shaped body type.  Belts are a wonderful way to draw attention to a slim waist.  Structured jackets slim the hips and thighs.  Wearing a statement necklace draws the eye upward to the slimmer part of the body.

Circle Shaped:  This body type is where you carry more weight in your midsection. Typically you should avoid wide leg pants as they will add too much volume.  Try a mid-rise pant which gives the illusion of a slimmer torso. Avoid clingy or short shirts as they might ride up.  The most flattering necklines are the V-neck or plunging neckline, as they will make the body less round.  Wraparound tops do a great job of breaking up the torso. Empire waist tops are an excellent choice.  Structured or tailored jackets that nip in at the waist, can camouflage a mid-section.

Hourglass Shaped:    This is the most coveted of the body shapes. This shape features a full chest, small waist and rounded hips.  Even though this is a great shape to have, you still need to wear clothes that flattered your shape.  Avoid overly tight or clingy tops as they might make your curves look unnatural.  Bring attention to your shoulders and neckline.  Do not wear straight dresses that hide your waist.  Pencil skirts are an awesome choice.  Luckily an hourglass body shape works with most pant styles.  You have the figure, flaunt it girlfriend!!

Rectangle Shaped:  This body type is where you are pretty much the same size all over.  Some people refer to this as boyish or athletic.   Typically this means you have slim legs, a long torso and a smaller chest.  With a rectangle body shape, you probably have great legs.  Show them off with short skirts.  Avoid baggy clothes with no shape.  Try clinching in dresses with a thin belt to play up your trim figure.  Skinny jeans and leggings were made your the rectangle body shape.  Prints and textures also give your body dimension.

When it comes to looking good, it is not the shape or size of the clothing, it is the fit of those clothes on your body!!  Wearing the right clothes should not be about the latest trends, it should be about choosing the outfits that suit you.

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