Thrift Stores

If you have not checked out your local thrift store lately, you need to.  I think you would be surprised what you can find hidden in thrift stores.  After visiting one on Saturday and finding two awesome necklaces, I have renewed my interest in thrift stores.  With the economy still struggling, this is an awesome way to save while still growing your wardrobe.  The two necklaces I purchased cost a mere $13.  Here are a few tips when visiting a thrift store.  The first tip is to look for quality brands.  I was surprised how many brands like Ann Taylor and Ralph Lauren were hidden in thrift stores. Secondly, you have to try everything on.  Just because the Banana Republic shirt is two dollars, does not mean it is a deal if it does not fit you when you get home.  Next, find out what day your local thrift store has it’s sales.  Most thrift stores have a day where items are marked down even cheaper.  Lastly, I suggest visiting your local thrift store often. Their inventory changes weekly.  If you do not find a steal right off the bat, keep checking back.


One thought on “Thrift Stores

  1. I’ve been shopping thrift stores for several years (as well as donating) and have found brand name (practically brand new) items. The jewelry is great. Thanks for posting this Gretchen.

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