Mixing Neutrals

Is your closet full of black, brown and grey clothes?  These are considered neutrals.  Did you know you can wear neutrals together?  Wearing black and brown together used to be a fashion faux pas, but not anymore.  Black and brown worn together can actually look very stylish if done correctly.  If you feel like you are going to look mismatched, go for a lighter shade of brown.  Add a splash of confidence and rock it girl!!


Grey and black work very well together and can look very professional.  Pairing two neutrals in different textures like lace and knit can produce a clean, chic look.  If you mix and match fabrics and shades, you create visual interest.


Neutrals can provide a soft look on their own, or they can provide a background for another bolder color.  Adding a pop of color gives your outfit that wow factor!!  I pulled these outfits from Pinterest.

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