Fashion Definitions

To some people, fashion terms just come naturally.  However, not everyone was a born a fashionista. I am here to expand your fashion vocabulary!  Here are some terms that you will see in my blog.

A-line:  A skirt or dress that is slightly flared, but narrow at the waist.

Ankle Boot:  A boot that covers the foot and ankle only.

Ankle Strap:  A strap that completely encircles the ankle, not to be confused with the slingback which goes around the back of the ankle only.

Ballet Flat:  A shoe with no heel that is soft and flexible.

Boot Cut:  A trouser or jean that is narrow at the knee and then slightly flares out.

Cable Knit:  Usually refers to a sweater that resembles a rope like design / pattern.

Cardigan:  A light sweater that is open in the front.

Color Blocking:  This is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit.

Empire Waist:  The cut of this dress or shirt has a waistline right under the bust, instead of the natural waistline.  The dress or skirt then falls loosely down from there.

Faux Pas:  A fashion no no.  My perfect example is wearing pajamas pants in public.

Flat Front Pant:   A pant with no pockets or pleats in front.

Kitten Heel:  A short heel no more than two inches.

Ombre:  Describes when a color fades in stages.

Peep Toe: A shoe where the toe section is cut away, revealing the end of the toes.  The sides and back of the upper portion may be open or closed.

Peplum:  A short flared or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist of a jacket, dress, or skirt to create a hanging frill.

Pajamas Pants:  An article of clothing that should NEVER leave the house!

Slingback:  A shoe where the upper portion is open at the back of the foot, with a strap running around the back of the heel, that holds the shoe on.

Splash of Color:  I also called this a “Pop of Color”.  This is just adding a little color to an outfit.

Statement Piece:  A big necklace and bold colored scarf that give your outfit visual interest.

Straight Leg:  Trousers where the legs are cut an equal width from the waist to ankle.

Structured Jacket:  A jacket that is fitted at the waist, making you look slimmer.

T-Strap: A shoe where a strap vertically from the lowest cut portion of the upper portion where it meets the toes to an ankle strap.

Tapered Leg:  Trousers where the legs become progressively narrower at the ankle.

Visual Interest:  Anything about an outfit that draws the eye in making someone take notice of it.

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