Sweater Dresses

What is the most stylish and versatile piece of winter wear you can own?  The sweater dress!  Whether you are headed to the office or off to have cocktails with the girls, the sweater dress is a wonderful option.  We should not be stuck with black trousers and grey jackets all winter.  Liven up your winter wardrobe with a sweater dress. There are several ways to wear a sweater dress.  If you are headed to the office, take a neutral colored chunky sweater dress over dark leggings and add a pair of boots.


Off to meet the girls for a cocktail, this caramel colored sweater dress is the perfect casual look.   Adding fun accessories such as a big belt and a bomber jacket will complete the look.  Top this off with an orange handbag for a pop of color, and you will have everyone checking you out.


Looking for a bold statement to run errands on Saturday, wear a color blocked sweater dress. Just add some chunky necklaces and ballet flats, and you are off to the rule the day.


Inspirations from Pinterest.

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