Skirt Styles

Skirts come in a variety of shapes and styles.  They are more veritable than dresses.  Dressing up or dressing down an outfit, the skirt is your best choice.  They are perfect for every occasion from the office to a casual party with friends. Skirts should be the foundation of any wardrobe.  What do you look for in skirt?  What will look the best with your body type?  Here are my top four favorite styles of skirt.

The A-line skirt is narrow at the waist and widens evenly as it goes down.  If you have wider hips, or if you are pear shaped, this is the skirt choice for you.

aline skirt

Flared skirts are very similar to A-line skirts, but have a little more volume at the bottom. This style of skirt is typically a little more formal than the A-line skirt.  This skirt also balances out a pear shaped body style.


Pencil skirts are more fitted to the body. They are cut straight down and hug the hips closely. Depending on the texture, material and accessories you pair with it, the pencil skirt can be formal or casual.  The pencil skirt suits most body styles.  If you are heavier on the bottom, make sure the skirt is straight down and does not come in at the bottom. I am plus size, and love wearing pencil skirts.


If you are slim, the trumpet skirt is the look for you.  The trumpet skirt has a fun flare, rippled hem at the bottom of the skirt. In the right fabric, it can really float over your figure, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.  However, if you have a larger hips, this skirt may accentuate that region.


I found these inspirations on Pinterest to show you what each style looks like.

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