Five Fashion Fails

No matter where you live or what season it is, you are bound to come across individuals who are flagrantly breaking fashion rules.  We all know pajama pants or sweats were not meant to be worn in public.  This fashion fail drive me crazy! Selecting a top and a pair of pants requires the same effort as sweats and a t-shirt, and looks so much more put together. Secondly, the fashion fail known as the “muffin top” is not a good look on everyone no matter what size.  This simply means your pants or skirt are too tight.  Just because you can zip them does not mean they fit.  Wearing clothes that fit you can actually make you look thinner than squeezing into the wrong size.  Another fashion fail is dressing too young.  We all wish we were still twenty one, but we are not anymore. Shopping in the juniors department needs to stop.  It does not look cute.  It looks desperate.  Leave the glitter and pigtails for Halloween. Wearing the appropriate clothes for your age can actually make you look younger and fresher.  Next is the exposed bra strap.  It is tacky and unattractive. They make all kinds of different bras these days, including strapless.  If you have a shirt where the strap shows, and you do not want to purchase a special bra for that one shirt, then you can easily pin the bra strap so it is not exposed.  Lastly, wearing tights as pants is a fashion disaster.  Tights were meant to compliment a dress or long tunic. The tunic should definitely cover your bottom.  Tights are a great layering piece not a pair of pants. Fashion should be an expression of your personality and should be fun.  Your look does not have to be expensive or fancy.  It just needs to suit you and not include any fashion fail listed above.

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