Business Casual

Business casual is a term used to describe clothing worn to the office that is less dressy than traditional office attire. Traditional office attire is business suits, jackets and dresses. Office attire has become more and more casual over the past few years. Be careful not to dress too casual. Ripped or faded jeans, mini skirts and low cut tops should never be worn in the office.  Good business casual outfits include a level of professionalism with a hint of your personality. Skirt or dress hems should go to the knee.  A dark wash jean with a pretty blouse and structured jacket is acceptable. Be playful by wearing a printed top, but keep it toned down with a solid skirt or trouser.  Business casual allows you to add flair to your outfit by adding fun accessories, which can transform an outfit.  If you are wearing a solid colored dress, adding a statement necklace or scarf adds that pop of color to give your outfit visual interest without being overwhelming in the office.  Do not underestimate the power of a belt.  Adding a belt to a roomy casual dress can slim the look around the midsection and make the dress appropriate for the workplace.



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