Plus Size

Being plus size does not inhibit your ability to be fabulous!!  Plus size fashion has come a long way in the past few years. I am a plus size woman, and some times I feel the fashion world is ignoring me.  However with a little effort, you can find wonderful pieces that work for you. You do not have to compromise.  You can wear the latest trends.  You can look professional. You can look sexy and glamorous. Just remember, pieces that FIT well actually make you look slimmer.  When you wear too much volume, it makes you look bigger. Another suggestion is to wear a solid top with a printed skirt on the bottom, creating a waistline where the two pieces meet.  When choosing skirts, try an A – line skirt.  They tend to float away from the body balancing out your hips.  Plus size woman can wear pencil skirts, just make sure they are straight down and not tapered in towards the knee.  A patterned blouse keeps the eyes focused on the upper part of the body.  So if you feel heavier on the bottom, this is a good way to keep the focus upward.  A structured jacket is a wonderful way to disguise a heavier mid-section. Stick with a plain front trouser, because pleats add unnecessary volume. On the other end of the spectrum, wearing pants or skirts that are too small, will actually make you too bigger. No one thinks a muffin top is sexy.

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