Everyone should have a good tailor!! Rarely do clothes fit you perfectly right off the rack.  Have you ever been in a fitting room thinking the shirt you tried on would be perfect if it was more fitted around the middle, or if the pants you have on were shorter?   Most people do not think about getting them altered.  It is best way to customize the clothes in your closet, and it can be fairly inexpensive. I found a really cute print skirt at the end of last season, but it was a size too big.  The skirt was only $7 on sale!!  I knew the skirt could be paired with several tops I already owned. The tailoring cost me $10, making this purchase a major bargain.  Tailoring can completely change the look of a piece of clothing.  The jacket below illustrates the power of tailoring.  So the next time you are trying on clothes, think about how your tailor could make a few nips or tucks!


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