Revamp, Redo, Remix

Do you find yourself wearing the same ten or so outfits over and over?  Do you find yourself always paring the same blouse with the same skirt?  Do you always wear the suit jacket with the skirt / pants that you purchased it with at the store?  They say the average woman is only wearing about 20% of the clothes hanging in her closet.  Break the cycle, girlfriend!!  I love to experiment with paring different items together.  For example, I have a black and white paisley printed skirt.  Most people would pair that with a black sweater, blouse or shirt. Well not me!!  I’d wear it with a magenta or emerald green blouse.  The skirt is a neutral, since it’s black and white. So you can pair it with ANY other color.  Don’t be  afraid to wear color, mix colors or even mix prints.  Another example, let’s say you always wear your favorite green blouse with the same necklace every time you wear it.  Why not try a scarf with it instead, or add a cardigan with it? If you have a suit, you can break up the two pieces.  You can wear the suit jacket with a pair of dark wash jeans and a blouse for a night out.  Or you can take the skirt / pants from the suit and wear it with a colorful sweater.  The whole idea is to take your top ten pieces and change them around to make new, fresh outfits.

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