If You Don’t Love It ~ Don’t Buy It

Have you  ever been in the dressing room trying on a blouse or skirt, and thought it looks ok, but you’re not in LOVE with it?  You buy it anyways, and then it sits in your closet unworn.  Why do we do this?  Unless you’re in LOVE with the piece you are trying on, don’t buy it.  Pretend you are in the dressing room with a printed dress on that looks only ok.  Maybe you have convinced yourself the sale is too good to pass up, or you’ve heard it is the “in” color this season.  Unless you love the dress, don’t buy it.  Think about why you originally picked the dress off the rack.  Do you love the color?  Did you love the print?  Go back to the rack and look at other selections.  There are tons of dresses out there, so choose another dress.  Also, don’t forget the tailor is your friend.  If you LIKE the dress, but if it was two inches shorter, you’d LOVE it.  Buy it, and take it to your tailor.  Don’t settle girlfriend!!

One thought on “If You Don’t Love It ~ Don’t Buy It

  1. I am so guilty of this with tops and sweaters. I have to have my friends shop in my closet once a year to fill their wardrobes for free. Just gave away 2 huge bags of super nice clothes last weekend. Several (not gonna say how many) still have the tags on them.

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