Gym Wear in Public

How many times have you gone to the bank, grocery store or even a restaurant and seen someone in gym clothes?  It is one of my biggest fashion pet peeves!!  Unless you are headed to the gym after making your deposit, or you just worked out and need to grab a gallon milk for dinner, gym wear should not be wore in public.  I understand they are comfortable, and so is my fluffy bathrobe, but I don’t leave the house in it. You can dress comfortably in jeans and a shirt or blouse.  It’s two pieces, just like gym wear, but so much more attractive.

4 thoughts on “Gym Wear in Public

  1. I see girls in the grocery dressed like this, some just came from a genuine workout, others want to show off their abs. I have no problem with it. It’s when I see people wearing workout clothes that don’t fit that makes me shake my head, (if they think they look ok wearing that, they are so wrong), frankly it ruins my appetite, may be good if you’re on a diet. Unfortunately, the people who need to know these things will never see your blog.

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