What to Wear to an Interview

A job interview is going to be the first time your potential employer is going to meet you.  This is your opportunity to make a great first impression.  As they say, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.  Dressing for success is the first part of the interview process.  Looking polished and professional are the most important parts of your look.  Your interview outfit supports the image you want to project.  A two piece suit is the best and safest choice in a neutral conservative shade.  Even if the job you are applying for is a non-suit wearing position, you should still wear a suit.  The second choice would be a statement dress in a tasteful color like deep red, navy or teal.  Keep your accessories to a minimum.  If the position is going to be a job where wearing jeans is the day to day look, then I suggest wearing a tailored trouser or skirt with a sweater to the interview.  You should never wear denim, short skirts, low cut tops or flip flops to an interview.  Make sure everything is pressed and clean.  Your interview outfit does not have to be expensive, it just needs to look put together.  Just remember 55% of your first impression is how you are dressed.


I selected a handful of different looks from Pinterest to give you an idea of what a great interview outfit looks like.

Wrap Dresses

For many women, finding the right dress can be difficult. There are so many different body types and so many different style dresses out there.  The wrap dress is the perfect selection for most body types.  It is versatile, stylish and easy to wear.  Finding the best wrap dress for yourself can be just as easy as wearing one.  A wrap dress can be worn to almost any occasion.  Since the wrap dress was originally designed for the workplace, it should be a staple in every working women’s wardrobe.  When you are traveling, the wrap dress provides comfortable while still being stylish.  It is lightweight and requires little to no ironing.  Most wrap dresses can be worn year round.  Boots, a structured jacket and the wrap dress work well together for fall and winter.  For spring and summer you can pair the wrap dress with flats or heels.  Your options are limitless with a wrap dress!!


These examples are from Pinterest.

Five Fashion Fails

No matter where you live or what season it is, you are bound to come across individuals who are flagrantly breaking fashion rules.  We all know pajama pants or sweats were not meant to be worn in public.  This fashion fail drive me crazy! Selecting a top and a pair of pants requires the same effort as sweats and a t-shirt, and looks so much more put together. Secondly, the fashion fail known as the “muffin top” is not a good look on everyone no matter what size.  This simply means your pants or skirt are too tight.  Just because you can zip them does not mean they fit.  Wearing clothes that fit you can actually make you look thinner than squeezing into the wrong size.  Another fashion fail is dressing too young.  We all wish we were still twenty one, but we are not anymore. Shopping in the juniors department needs to stop.  It does not look cute.  It looks desperate.  Leave the glitter and pigtails for Halloween. Wearing the appropriate clothes for your age can actually make you look younger and fresher.  Next is the exposed bra strap.  It is tacky and unattractive. They make all kinds of different bras these days, including strapless.  If you have a shirt where the strap shows, and you do not want to purchase a special bra for that one shirt, then you can easily pin the bra strap so it is not exposed.  Lastly, wearing tights as pants is a fashion disaster.  Tights were meant to compliment a dress or long tunic. The tunic should definitely cover your bottom.  Tights are a great layering piece not a pair of pants. Fashion should be an expression of your personality and should be fun.  Your look does not have to be expensive or fancy.  It just needs to suit you and not include any fashion fail listed above.

Business Casual

Business casual is a term used to describe clothing worn to the office that is less dressy than traditional office attire. Traditional office attire is business suits, jackets and dresses. Office attire has become more and more casual over the past few years. Be careful not to dress too casual. Ripped or faded jeans, mini skirts and low cut tops should never be worn in the office.  Good business casual outfits include a level of professionalism with a hint of your personality. Skirt or dress hems should go to the knee.  A dark wash jean with a pretty blouse and structured jacket is acceptable. Be playful by wearing a printed top, but keep it toned down with a solid skirt or trouser.  Business casual allows you to add flair to your outfit by adding fun accessories, which can transform an outfit.  If you are wearing a solid colored dress, adding a statement necklace or scarf adds that pop of color to give your outfit visual interest without being overwhelming in the office.  Do not underestimate the power of a belt.  Adding a belt to a roomy casual dress can slim the look around the midsection and make the dress appropriate for the workplace.



Radiant Orchid ~ Color of the Year

Pantone has chosen Radiant Orchid as the “it” color for Spring 2014. Radiant Orchid is a mix of fuchsia, purple and pink. It reminds me of a dark lavender with pink undertones.  I know that most of us are still in the grips of winter right now, but you do not have to wait until spring to incorporate this color into your wardrobe.  My three favorite ways to add color a pop of color to any outfit are shoes, handbags and scarfs.  This way it is not as overwhelming as buying an entire outfit in this new color.  You can try it out in small doses, and see if this color suits you without breaking the bank.  That is the best part of fashion – experimentation!!

rs_560x415-131205150031-1024.pantone-radiant-orchid-itemsshoesradiant orchid scarftorontoweddingplanner-radiantorchid-ivanka-trumpBN-AQ700_125Col_MV_20131204153333

I found inspiration from these pictures on Pinterest and Etsy.

Plus Size

Being plus size does not inhibit your ability to be fabulous!!  Plus size fashion has come a long way in the past few years. I am a plus size woman, and some times I feel the fashion world is ignoring me.  However with a little effort, you can find wonderful pieces that work for you. You do not have to compromise.  You can wear the latest trends.  You can look professional. You can look sexy and glamorous. Just remember, pieces that FIT well actually make you look slimmer.  When you wear too much volume, it makes you look bigger. Another suggestion is to wear a solid top with a printed skirt on the bottom, creating a waistline where the two pieces meet.  When choosing skirts, try an A – line skirt.  They tend to float away from the body balancing out your hips.  Plus size woman can wear pencil skirts, just make sure they are straight down and not tapered in towards the knee.  A patterned blouse keeps the eyes focused on the upper part of the body.  So if you feel heavier on the bottom, this is a good way to keep the focus upward.  A structured jacket is a wonderful way to disguise a heavier mid-section. Stick with a plain front trouser, because pleats add unnecessary volume. On the other end of the spectrum, wearing pants or skirts that are too small, will actually make you too bigger. No one thinks a muffin top is sexy.