Fringe Friday

When you think of fringed clothing you might think Coachella or jackets from the ’80s.  However, the trend is not only for festivals and hair band concerts. If styled correctly, fringe can be sleek, feminine, edgy or glamorous. It is all about the piece itself and how you wear it.  Here are a handful of ways to wear fringe that keep you on trend.

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Transitional Pieces to Take You From Summer to Fall

Mother Nature cannot make my her mind lately.  One day it is super chilly, and then the next day it is summer like.  Here is my guide on what to wear when it is not quite warm, but not chilly either.

Long Sleeve Dress ~ Add boots and a scarf if it is chilly.  Add ballet flats and a statement necklace if it is a little warm….and scrunch up the sleeves.


Cropped Jean Jacket ~ A cute jean jacket is the perfect layer to just throw on when it gets colder at night. Pair it with a shorter sundress when it is warm or with dark denim on a crisp day.


Midi Skirt ~ It’s probably a little too cold for a mini skirt, but a longer hemline, like the one on this floral pencil skirt, will keep your legs from spiking with goosebumps. A plain white tee and leather jacket would be the perfect finishing touches to this piece.


Lightweight Leather Jacket ~ Leather is just as versatile as denim when it comes to adding layers. Pair this one with a cute pair of skinny jeans or a colorful midi skirt.


Maxi Dress ~ A longer shirt dress like this one, keeps you covered while being breathable enough to prevent over-heating.


Laid Back Denim ~ Tuck a plain long-sleeve knit or tee into these boyfriend jeans for an easy, go-to look.


Inspiration from Pinterest.



What Gretchen Wore

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to get all dressed up.  Our annual Boots & Bling fundraiser was last weekend.  It was the perfect opportunity for me to wear sequins.  I found this red sequin dress on for $25!!  The boots are from Off Broadway Shoes, and there were on sale for $149.  I added gold earrings ($10) and some gold bracelets ($10) from Belk.  What a fun night!!


How to Wear Lace

Lace is such a beautiful fabric. It is very elegant and classy, and it is really good for adding that girly, feminine touch to your look. Lately, lace has been all the rage in fashion and we are seeing so many pretty pieces that feature lace that make us fall in love with them over and over again, especially the ones that look so beautifully crafted. A lot of women, though, feel that lace is something they should only wear during special events and occasions and that is totally not true. To prove that, here are some outfit ideas on how to wear lace, not just for special occasions but for everyday ordinary, casual and street style looks as well.

Lace shorts:  Here is one of the easiest ways to wear lace for your everyday casual or street style looks: wear lace shorts. Lace shorts are pretty and they are great for summer because they are light and breezy. You can wear these with anything from a simple t-shirt to a dressy top to get that feminine look. They are also perfect for adding a romantic vibe to your outfit, especially those that you wear on casual daytime dates.


Soft, sweet and simple:  If you consider yourself more of a minimalist and you are looking for a really simple way to wear lace, I would suggest wearing it in soft neutral colors and pairing it with other neutral colored items as well. This look is super easy to pull off and is wearable on a daily basis. it’s easy to pull off and you’re sure to look sweet and stylish in it.


Leather and lace:  Lace and leather are one of the sexiest combinations you can make for a chic outfit. Wearing leather with lace is a sure fire way to get a look that perfectly combines sweet, sexy and edgy all into one. Combinations are endless, of course, but my personal favorite would have to be a lace dress topped off with a leather jacket and finished off with a pair of leather ankle booties. This particular outfit combination just screams Bond Girl to me and I have seen it countless times and loved it every time.


In dark colors:  Since lace has a very soft and sweet look, getting it to look sultry and sexy can be quite a bit of a task. One really easy way to do this, however, is to wear lace in darker colors like black, deep plum / purple, navy blue and such. The contrast between the dark lace fabric and your skin that peeps through the sheer spots on lace will create a very alluring and seductive look that’s still elegant and graceful.


Denim and lace:  Think lace is too fancy for everyday wear? Well, think again! We all know how denim is the ultimate casual fabric so why not wear it with lace? After all, wearing fancy items and fabrics with denim is one of the easiest ways to give the latter a more relaxed and casual vibe. Try pairing a lace top with jeans or wearing denim / chambray shirt with your lace shorts. The result is a casual yet chic and classy look that you’ll surely love.


Inspiration from Pinterest.

The Fashion Formula

Here is a simple guide to follow when getting dress.

1 Basic ~ Dark jeans, pencil skirt, basic top

1 Interest Piece ~ Color, pattern, texture, shine

1 Completer Piece ~ Jacket, cardigan, belt

Now add accessories (jewelry, handbag, shoes, scarf) and out the door you go all put together!!  Quick, easy, simple!

Must Haves for Fall

Soon the weather will be cooling down (hopefully), and we will start to feel a bit of a chill in the air. I know some of you up north are already experiencing cooler temps.  As summer draws to a close, you may be wondering what items to pull from storage and what you should buy new to transition into a fabulous fall wardrobe. Just follow my basic guidelines and start with these fall wardrobe essentials. You will be on your way to a stylish autumn season. Deep, rich colors and pieces for layering on cooler days are essential to the fall wardrobe. Earthy fabrics and knits bring warmth to a cold season, and subtle metallics and leather also make a comeback this time of year.

1. Long sleeved tees  Perfect for layering, long sleeved tees will keep you warm and add depth to a fall outfit. Blacks, grays, and creams are good colors to start with and can be layered under some of your more versatile warm weather clothes if needed.

2. A pullover sweater  A pullover can be a lifesaver when weather suddenly changes. Choose close knit styles for a tailored look or bulkier knits when you just want to cozy up with a good book and your favorite cool weather beverage.

3.  Boots This one is almost self-explanatory, but there are many styles, heights, and colors when it comes to boots. Choose a pair or two of favorites like ankle, knee-high, or mid-calf boots and switch things up depending on the weather.

4. Leggings and tights – Leggings and tights come in a huge variety of patterns and colors. There really is something for everyone. The bare legged styles of summer may not be warm enough for the fall months, but a good set of leggings can extend the life of some of your favorites, and tights make any skirt more practical.

5. Scarves – Another accessory worth stocking in many colors and styles is definitely the scarf. You can still wear scarves made of sheer fabrics during autumn, but can also start to introduce bulkier, warmer varieties.

6. Cardigans – Cardigans are another versatile essential for the fall. They can be found with or without buttons, long-sleeved, ¾ sleeved, colored, patterned, with hoods, and in all kinds of fabrics. For a staple, go with a neutral color that you can get a lot of wear out of, but if you have the budget for a second cardigan choose something fun.

7. Leather  I could be more specific, but if you choose even a single leather item for your closet this year, you will be on the right path. A leather pencil skirt, pants, or a jacket are great additions to any outfit.

8. A loose blouse  You just cannot go wrong where a blouse is concerned, no matter the season. Plus, they are perfect for pairing under a cardigan or pullover if it turns extra chilly.  For fall, choose darker, rich colors (try jewel tones) or creamy neutrals.

9. A sweatshirt / hoodie  There are going to be gray, drizzly mornings this autumn when you wake up and think one thing….I wanna be comfy. Those are the mornings to don your favorite hoodie and jeans. But a comfy outfit does not have to be a frumpy one. Go for a more fitted sweatshirt that flatters rather than covers your curves.

10. Metallic accessories If you have got your other essentials hanging in the closet it is time to add some bling. A little bit of metallic jewelry will go a long way in jazzing up your basics and you can start to look for clothing with built-in sparkle as well. Keep it subtle at first – bronze, gold, brushed metallics – then slowly kick things up by adding in more silver and sparkle as the weather cools.

Do Not Wear the Same Pair of Shoes Two Days in a Row

Trust me, I know the feeling….you find the perfect pair of shoes, and you want to show them off every chance you get.  However, there is a real reason you should not re-wear your shoes day after day.  During the day, your feet sweat…a lot. Your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body!!  And, they do not just sweat when you are hot or exercising.  They sweat all the time, which is also why you get smelly feet by the end of the day.   Naturally, that sweat gets onto your shoe and can stay there if you are not careful.  If you wear the same pair every day, then your shoes do not have ample time to dry and they will not maintain their shape.  So, it makes sense that the more you wear shoes, the quicker they will wear out. Without time to air dry, the moisture just sits in your shoes, so they are more likely to wear down the next time you slip them on. Waiting a day to let them dry off will keep your shoes looking like new!