Farewell ~

Fashion trends are forever changing…much like life. My interests have shifted to the wonderful adventure of hiking. Although I intend to continue to dress to impress, my time spent on this blog has come to an end. I wish everyone the best, and I hope that I helped you become fabulous. Follow me on my new adventure at http://www.getfab.life as I explore mountains, in search of waterfalls and pretty scenery. Thank you for following me!!


Slither in to Spring with Snakeskin

I hate snakes….I mean HATE them. Yet, I have no problem at all wearing their dead skin….LOL

In case you have not noticed the hottest trend this season is the snakeskin print, and it comes in a massive range of colors. This print is not a new trend but rather, another classic neutral, which means it would go well with many items in your wardrobe. Here are a few effortless ways that you can slither this print to office and cocktail parties:

MIX WITH NEUTRALS ~ I highly recommend mixing this print with neutral tones such as black, white, and grey so the print can be the focal point of your outfit. A great example is my outfit in these photos where I mixed a grey cashmere sweater with the snakeskin skirt.

PRINT MIXING ~ You can pair two totally non-matching colors and patterns like florals with snakeskin and still look cute and unexpected. Just like wearing multiple prints so make sure at least one color in each piece matches.

MAKE IT POP ~ You can make that perfect green-snakeskin dress pop by wearing all black around it. This is the most effortless way to wear this print.

GO EDGY ~ This print is very assertive but you can go edgy with accessories by keeping everything else simple and quiet.
Inspiration from Pinterest

Spring Trend ~ Puffy Sleeves

Announcement! More so than the one arm only blouse or those cutouts around the bicep things you have been seeing, puffy princess sleeves are this summer’s off the shoulder top, only more funky. (Thank you 80’s) Because it is a trend in the age of the internet, its shelf life is guaranteed to be short lived…..thank goodness. This is not a trend I will be partaking in. You can take advantage now before you see it everywhere and get sick of it. Here is how to wear this trend this spring and summer.

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Easy Ways to Transition From Winter to Spring

Dressing appropriately for that awkward time between winter and spring can be a struggle, especially this year with Mother Nature being all over the board. You want so badly for it to be warm outside, but it is still way too soon to put away your sweaters. Here are some pieces of clothing that can help you bridge that fashion gap in style.

A pastel color palette makes this sweater the perfect transitional pullover — great in early spring or later in the year as a night-time beach cover-up.

Swap your scarf for a cute printed bandana and you will keep your neck warm while giving a nod to those sunny days ahead.

The style and versatility of a moto jacket mixed with the comfy coziness of your favorite sweatshirt. Layer it under your coat while it is still cold out and wear it on its own once spring has officially sprung.

The little pink dress is to spring what the little black dress is to winter. This one will keep you warm, but that is what coats are for, and you will feel better just shedding those drab, dark colors that tend to dominate during the colder months.

A jacket with a sportier vibe will help shift your mind-set and prepare you for the warmer, more active months ahead.

Nothing says “spring” like a fresh pair of white sneakers, even if all the snow has not quite melted yet.

A pair of bright, white jeans can springify any look. Add extra warmth by layering a pair of fishnets underneath so they peek out through the rips.

Inspiration from Pinterest.

Easter Dresses under $100

Whether you are heading to Easter brunch, church, or a family party, I guarantee you will be turning heads in these vibrant spring dresses. The best part…..all of our selects are well within your budget, so feel free to splurge a little more on the Easter gift baskets this year.


High-Neck Waist-Defined Maxi Dress for Women, Old Navy ~ $36.99

London Floral Print Ruffle Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress, Nordstrom ~ $98

Ruffle Sleeve Floral Wrap Dress, Nordstrom ~ $94

Back Cutout Ruffle Hem Dress, Loft ~ $89.50
Paisley Floral Sleeveless Swing Dress, Loft ~ $69.50

Look Effortlessly Elegant All The Time

Could it be true? Are some people just born with style? Or is it all just an a facade? Elegance and style are more of a mindset, and I truly believe that it is a work in progress. If you want to portray yourself as an elegant and confident person, you can! I love the statement, “fake it until you make it”, because it is so true!! Here are some tips on how you can look effortlessly elegant all the time.

GOOD POSTURE ~ Standing tall and with confidence is probably the easiest way to covey elegance to everyone you meet. A good posture is standing straight, shoulders back, and head held straightforward. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it gets easier with practice. You may not know it, but faking confidence is the best way to GET CONFIDENCE. Seriously, it is the secret that all those who have confidence know and still rely on. Confidence is elegance – always.

GET GROOMED ~ Elegance essentially radiates from within but can be shown on the outside as well. The more well put together you look the more people will take note of your appearance. Take a trip to the salon and trim those split ends, get yourself a flattering haircut, and take care of your hair. For nails, make sure you keep them short or mid-length. Use any nail polish color you want. But for a more elegant look use neutrals such as beige, pink, or keep them clear. Remember, you want to put together a cohesive overall look.

ACCESSORIZE ~ The key to looking elegant at all times is wearing simple accessories and wearing them as a statement everyday. Have a favorite pair of earrings? Wear them all the time. Have a simple pearl necklace? Wear that. Rings? Wear one.

TAILORED WARDROBE ~ Invest in classic wardrobe pieces that resonate with your style or desired style. If you want to go for a specially elegant look: get pieces in black, white, pink, and grey. Stick to a neutral palette and get those pieces tailored. A great fitting wardrobe shows style and elegance. And to be honest, once you get pieces that fit, you will not have to keep buying the same pieces over and over. Well tailored pieces can be kept for years. Your wardrobe and wallet will be happy.

MAKEUP ~ If you want an elegant makeup look, opt for red lips or neutral shades. Keep makeup simple and minimal. White or skin colored eyeshadow, black or brown eyeliner, and minimal contouring and blush. That overdone contoured look does slim your face and bring out your cheekbones, but being too hallowed out can make you look malnourished.

COMMUNICATION ~ Elegance is also how you make others feel and the secret to making others think “elegance” when they think of you is to be kind and helpful. I never approach others with an attitude. I smile, even if my day is not going too well. I open doors for others, because it is a kindness.
You can never be too kind or have too many manners. Communicate your elegance and people will notice. Always be kind!

Mixing Prints ~

I know it is probably one of the scariest trends to attempt, but once you get a handle on mixing prints, it can change your life! You can start creating combinations you would have never even considered before. So break out of your wardrobe rut and start mixing patterns. It is easier than you think. Keep the following three tips in mind when mixing prints. Make sure that one color repeats in each piece of the outfit. Combine loose prints with structured prints, such as swirls with stripes. Blend small designs with larger ones. Mixing a floral skirt with a soft striped top looks comfortable and cozy, yet still put together.

A plaid button down shirt with a structured blazer with the sleeves rolled up so the plaid shows is super chic. Throw on a leopard print scarf and boom! Pair this with a dark wash jean for a casual yet sophisticated look. If you pair the same button down checked top with a polka dot skirt, you are ready for the office.

Here is another example of mixing a floral with stripes. The tweed jacket and dark wash jean add the neutrality this outfit needs to work.

The possibilities are endless. Try some of these looks below for yourself.


Inspiration from Pinterest