Tweed Jackets ~

Tweed jackets are one of the greatest investments for the cold seasons. They are made of warm and sturdy fabrics. Today I want to show you the best ways on how to style this cold season jacket. If you want to create a chic and smart-casual outfit, then you can pair a tweed jacket with jeans, a denim skirt, a pretty shirt and booties. The blue color of bottoms will add a special casual touch. Anyway, if you want to know more about how to wear tweed jackets in real life, then I recommend you check out these examples.

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Rocking Florals in Winter

The one thing I want you to understand is you CAN rock floral prints year round.  You do not have to save these prints for spring and summer.  There are beautiful floral shirts and dresses out there perfect for winter.  Experiment people!!!  Here are my tips for rocking floral prints in the winter months:

Pick darker floral prints.


Select a shirt with a statement sleeve.


Pair your floral with a dark denim jean.


Pair them with your favorite boots.


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Tangerine Tuesday

Since tangerine or orange symbolizes vitality, it is a color that can add zing to many an outfit, but it also tends to be outlandish in nature and a color you do not want to get wrong. However, if you learn how to wear tangerine, you can add a fresh and vibrant attitude to your style enhancing your skin with a glamorous radiance.  Check out these examples:

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Chic Ways to Wear a Utility Jacket

The utility or military jacket is one of my favorite trends.  The versatile khaki jacket can be styled in endless ways……literally. If you already started your new year by shopping, you probably noticed that the utility jacket is everywhere.  The utility jacket is just like your denim jacket, you can use it to top off any of yours look, however, that army green shade will add a military flair to your outfit, so you will be just on trend. My favorite way to wear a utility jacket, is to pair it with a striped top or dress, but how about you? Check out these looks below to copy for yourself.

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How to Add a Pop of Color

During the dull winter months, it can be hard not to get stuck in a style rut. We are looking forward to warm weather dressing, but the weather is not cooperating. Cue the endless cycle of black, gray, and more black.  But wait……You do not have to wait for sundress weather to lighten up your outfits!!  The easiest way to spice up your look is to simply add color. You will be surprised at how much a cheery hue can brighten up your look and your day.  Here are some simple idea:

Add a Belt ~ Instead of grabbing any old brown belt, pull your look together with a colorful belt that draws even more attention to your waist and takes your outfit to the next level.


Add a Shoe ~ My go to pop of color is a red shoe!!


Add a Handbag ~ If you feel like your black on black outfit is lacking something, it is probably a pop of color.


Add Tights ~ Life is too short to only wear black tights!


Add a Hat ~ Sometimes a colorful hat is necessary for topping off an outfit.


Add a Scarf ~ This is an easy no brainer.


Play around with different colors or even a pattern!  Mix it up ~ Make it fun!!

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New Year ~ Resolutions

We have all been there…it is a new year, and we vow to make changes.  Perhaps you want to hit the gym, attack a big project at work, or take a spontaneous vacation. Or maybe, if you are anything like me, you resolve to get your wardrobe in check.  As we begin 2019, we are armed with a long list of fashion resolutions to kick start the New Year. While we all want to toss clothing we have not worn in a while, and infuse a little more life into our current wardrobes, our resolutions go way beyond the traditional go-tos. Read these tips below, and pick out a few you want to tackle yourself in 2019.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone and try a bold trend…….at least once.

  2. Appreciate the essentials. It may be the year to try new things, but infuse them into your look one at a time, taking care to build your 2019 wardrobe of essentials first, head turning trends second.

  3. Trade in your never-take-them-off daily earrings in favor of a bold dangly earring.

  4. Force yourself to wear more color, especially on those days you just want to slip into head to toe black.

  5. Do a full closet clean out. Anything you have not worn in the last year goes.

  6. Take better care of the clothing you love most. That means trips to the tailor and shoe repair before your favorite pieces are too far gone.

  7. Throw your grandma’s fashion faux pas out the window: Wear suede in the summer, pair deep black with hues of navy, and rock the white after Labor Day look.

  8. While on the subject of our grandmothers, look to her for wardrobe inspiration. 2019 is the year to try a big scarf, midi skirt or a statement brooch.

  9. Buy less, but shop more smartly. An investment piece is certainly not a decision to make flippantly, but raise your sophistication level for 2019 by avoiding thoughtless fast fashion purchases.

  10. Do not take yourself too seriously…….both in your wardrobe and in life.

Eight KEY Pieces You Should Own

Are you staring at your closet, day after day, and wondering what to wear? Break it down to a core set of eight items around which you can really build multiple outfits every day of the week. These eight items work in every season and also make for a great core wardrobe for those weekend getaways when looking sharp is a necessity.  When you look at these items, you may say, “Where are the black shoes?” or “What about a white V-neck t-shirt?” Yes, I did not include every item needed and made some assumptions that you likely have a few staples in your closet already. But the items below are ones that are true work horses and are sometimes overlooked in favor of something trendier … these items are the ones that make getting dressed so much easier. That is what we all want, right?

1. Black & White Horizontally Striped Shirt ~ A black and white striped shirt is a classic look that is always fresh — and it is a wardrobe multiplier. What I mean is that it can give a whole new look to some other wardrobe items. Take any patterned pant or skirt — as long as it has black in it, it will likely work paired with this shirt. Tuck it in, wear a blazer over it, layer it under a chambray shirt or pair it with a long chiffon skirt and strappy sandals for a dressy / casual look. This shirt will be one you go for time and time again.


2. White Button Down Blouse ~ Untucked with jeans for a Saturday brunch, or tucked into a skirt for a workday outfit, nothing compares to the classic white blouse. Tie it, tuck it, untuck it or wear it over a cami unbuttoned … it always works. The key is to find one that fits you perfectly. It is worth trying on many and finding the one that fits you just right across the shoulders and the bust. After that, make sure the sleeves are long enough and consider getting alterations if needed as the money spent is worth it — you will wear this shirt nonstop!


3. Chambray Button Down ~ This shirt is my favorite go-to look. Pair it with white jeans, gray jeans, a dark denim skirt, a dressy skirt, with a suit, with grey dress pants … I am not sure what this shirt does not go with! Find one that is not too thick or too bulky. You may end up wanting a few as the different washes are fun to play with.


i4. Camel Blazer ~ A black blazer is amazing…..but, we wear our black jeans so much in the winter and white jeans so much in the summer that the camel blazer is just perfect year-round as something to be worn with the aforementioned jeans as well as with a gray, navy or black dress without it looking too dark. The best of both worlds is to have black, camel and white blazers, but if I had to choose one that most women need, likely do not have and will be worn time and time again, it is the camel blazer.


5. Leopard Print Shoes ~ This print works well with many outfits because it is a classic look that is modern as well. And, the print is made up of neutral colors making it an easy one to pair with many prints and solids. While I love a leopard print jacket and blouse, accessories like handbags, belts, scarves and shoes are easy to incorporate into many outfits. They are super versatile, but if you simply do not like leopard, think about snakeskin.


6. Black Pencil or A-line Skirt ~ A black skirt is a must-have, hands down. It is the go-to skirt that you can pair with a t-shirt and jean jacket on the weekends, or with a black blouse and heels for a night out, or with a white button-down top depending on what your work dress code is. The pencil skirt is a classic look, but it can be hard for some women to wear as plenty of us are simply wider across the thighs than the hips. If that is you, an A-line works well.

7. A Gray or Navy dress ~ You need a dark dress for many reasons, but here are a few: they work if you are not quite sure what the dress code is for an event, they dress up or down with ease depending on your accessories, they are perfect for travel as they do not show dirt easily, and the sad truth is that we attend many funerals and you really do always need that dress you can wear to a funeral in your closet ready to go. The reason I say gray or navy and not black is because many people do not like wearing black to weddings and baptisms, and this is the dress that you want to be able to wear to EVERYTHING! If you are super casual and do not really need a more structured dress, buy a more casual one, but keep it classic and select one that works for many occasions. When you need this dress, you will be so thankful it’s in your closet … and you will need it more than you may think.

8. Dark Rinse Jeans ~ While ankle skinny jeans are still a favorite of many, a dark pair of bootcut jeans (with no whiskering and no holes) are flattering on everyone and round up this list as a must-have. You can wear them dressed up in a way that other jeans just cannot accomplish. Yes, you can have all the other jeans, but just make sure these must-haves are always on-hand. On those days that you cannot decide what to wear, consider these your default choice.


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