When Should You Avoid a Necklace

Some necklines are made for necklaces, some are made for earrings only. When a neckline has some sort of embellishment like these below, then there is no need to add more. These necklines are ideal for women who have wide or short necks. Also, if you find wearing necklaces are annoying or irritating, these necklines are perfect for you. Further, if you do not like accessorizing, these tops have built in accessories.
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Can You Wear Sparkle During the Day?

Yes, you can, if the sparkle is subtle and the items are dressed down appropriately. You will find subtle sparkle in knitwear, jackets, blouses, jeans, pants, skirts and scarves when they have a bit of lurex (gold or silver metallic thread) running through them. The overall shiny effect is delicate and restrained. Sequined, crystal beaded and lurex-rich items on the other hand, are obviously sparkly and should be kept for evening occasions. For day wear, I would draw the line at any items that combine black and sparkle. Subtle sparkle during the day is a fairly new fashion concept that is easy to put together if you follow a few guidelines.

1. Restrict your ensemble to one sparkly item at a time.
2. Tone down the shine with denim. Add a denim jacket to a sparkly skirt, or jeans to a shiny jacket.
3. Create a contrast. If your jeans are sparkly, combine the look with a chunky knit, converse sneakers and messenger bag. Do not pair sparkly jeans with a sparkly jacket or blouse unless you are going out at night.

Remember, a spot of sparkle goes a long way!!

10 Accessories You Must Have

There are many reasons why so many women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE accessories. I believe it is mostly because they have nothing to do with our figure. An amazing shoe, bag, or necklace looks amazing on everyone. But there is just something about the sheer joy, the bliss, that purchasing a new tote, pair of high heels, or statement earrings brings us. It is a euphoric feeling that starts at the moment of purchase and is re-experienced every time you grab that particular piece from the closet. And the object of our lust could be anything. Bags: big and small. Shoes: flat and tall. Diamonds, beads, bows. Every woman has her own passion when it comes to accents. And it is a passion worth indulging in. Accessories not only complete an outfit, they can set the tone for your entire look. The switch of a heel to a flat, chandelier earrings to studs, or a slouchy hobo bag to a classic, structured carryall can change the entire effect of the clothes you are wearing. The bottom line is, a girl cannot live on clothes alone. Extras are an easy way to add your personality to what you wear. Here are the 10 every woman should not live without.

1. Pumps. Whether they have pointy, round, or square toes, these classic heels look smart at work and sexy at night. Always have a black pair.
2. Flats. Simple ballet slippers or skimmers are a more comfortable answer to the all purpose pump. They are great for when you are on the go.
3. Diamonds. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets…No matter what form they come in, these sparkly stones will always shine, even if you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt.
4. Pearls. A classic, ladylike staple, these lustrous beads, as tidy little earrings or a single or multi-strand necklace, always add polish and elegance to your outfit.
5. A structured bag. In a medium size, a sturdy, top handle leather bag will serve you well every day.
6. A clutch. For evening, it is an essential. A slim, sleek little bag that fits just the necessities is the piece to carry at night.
7. A belt. This piece can turn an ensemble from sloppy to sleek in an instant. It is a good idea to have multiple waist cinchers — thin, medium, and wide — in your closet.
8. A cocktail ring. Give your evening style a glam punch with a big stoned bauble. Try bold, colorful stones for added effect.
9. A cuff. A thick bracelet in gold, silver, or enamel is a timeless accent and works day or night.
10. A metal watch. A high quality, classic timepiece like a tank or a bracelet style, whether gold or stainless steel. It will last you a lifetime.

How to Dress APPROPRIATELY on Casual Friday

Casual Friday, two words that are often a source of frustration for employers and confusion to employees. What once began as a means of feeling more relaxed at the office prior to the weekend has ended in horror for some businesses and refused completely by others. I have been asked my opinion on what is appropriate on a casual Friday. The question is often followed by stories of past coworkers showing up in mesh tops, mini skirts and logo tee shirts. While many businesses have become okay in allowing a casual Friday, many have yet to enforce a dress code for it. The end result is far from desired or what the original message was intended to be.

Furthermore, the business game has changed, especially in terms of fashion. Twenty years ago, most dressed in a suit and went to work. Business was more formal. It required people to be more polished during the day. Today’s market has vastly changed. The number of people working in creative job fields is constantly growing as are the number of individuals working from home. While this should not effect how professionals get dressed in the morning, it unfortunately does. Magazines and other media outlets are constantly creating work inspired outfits that allow us to reflect our personal style. While articles like these can be a great piece, the readers will not look at an article like that and know if the outfit in question is one that is appropriate for their job in particular. Recently, I had seen a blog post about the best interview outfits. I have to admit to being horrified with the results. While the pictures were attention grabbing, the outfits themselves were far from appropriate for the office.

So what is appropriate for casual Friday? The answer varies depending on your employment. The first thing many businesses need to establish is a dress code. While many say they have one, they are often very vague and almost never enforced. Secondly, you need to establish what level of dress your day to day business requires and what type of field you are in before a more casual mode of dress can be established. Generally speaking, if you are in a traditional business role such as an accountant, lawyer, or banker, you should wear more traditional business outfits such as suits, or business casual modes of dress from Monday to Friday. The higher your position, the more formal you need to dress. Those in creative industries such as fashion, graphic designer, PR should opt for a business casual mode of dress, but would be able to style themselves with more creative leniency because of their field.

In terms of casual Friday, the rule of thumb is to style yourself a business level lower than how you would normally dress from Monday to Thursday. For example, someone that wears a full suit during the week would dress business casual come Friday. It does not mean that you automatically jump into denim. Those that dress business casual during the week could choose to dress smart casual at week’s end. The more casual you become, the more you can incorporate your personal style, whatever that may be. Make a note, if you are going to be in meetings or seeing clients on Casual Friday, then that attire is out for you.

Here are a few general rules and things to keep in mind for casual Friday:

1. If you are going to wear denim, remember no rips and no wild washes.
2. Putting a blazer over casual items such as a tee shirt or jeans instantly makes you look more professional.
3. No sandals. If you are looking for comfort on Friday, opt for flats or loafers.
4. No mini skirts or short shorts. They just are not appropriate.
5. If you are going to wear a sheer shirt, make sure a camisole or tee is underneath.
6. No gym clothes (including yoga pants, ladies) at work. Ever!!!
7. Your neckline should never be lower than the top of your cleavage.

The key is to remember that when you enter the office, no matter what field you are in, you represent yourself and the company you work for. How you dress says something about who you are. Reflecting your personal style while still being appropriate at work will not only make you feel good, but your employers will too.

How to Rock a Tuxedo Jacket

A tuxedo jacket is a masculine piece of clothing, but it can be worn in a very feminine way. A classic tuxedo jacket they can be worn a million different ways.
1. Go traditional with black and white, but avoid the collard shirt, instead choose a white blouse with a feminine shape and neckline.
2. Work back the satin with a softer satin fabric is more feminine than a cotton in a shirt, but still remains simply elegant.
3. Add a feminine bow blouse in chiffon, which skims over the figure and the bow adds a feminine touch.
4. A satin cowl neck top in color will work with the satin lapels on the jacket.
5. A chiffon ruffle neckline will feel right with the tuxedo jacket.
6. Go sheer in color, always so soft and feminine, but simple and without fuss.
7. Work it casually with a tshirt in color with a satin trim on the neckline to tie it to the satin lapel.
8. French chic works a treat, roll up the jacket sleeves and work it with a blue or red striped tshirt for that understated elegant chic.

This jacket can take you from a formal affair to casual Friday at the office, with your dark denim jeans and a good quality tshirt. Do not be scared to wear it with a skinny jean and knee high boots as well as a pair of heels and a trouser style or boot cut jean. If you have a little extra around the mid section, do not tuck in your tops. Make sure they are long enough to skim past your tummy. Make sure the fabric does not cling, so look for fabrics that skim and drape and are not stiff. A curved hemline on shirts will further feminize and flatter your figure. Do not forget the jewelry…add a necklace or earrings to draw attention up to your face.

Ways to Make Your Legs Look Longer

1. Keep your skirts shorter, to just on or above the knee. Once you cover your knee your legs look shorter.
2. Wear your trousers as long as possible without dragging on the ground.
3. Fake them out with heels.
4. Fake them out with wedges and flats, which will give you height.
5. Wear a column of color, which allows you to create a visual vertical from shoulder to foot without breaking up the body.
6. Wear a dress or skirt as this stops you from seeing where your legs start (unlike trousers which show exactly how long your legs are).
7. Wear vertical stripes on your lower half as verticals create the illusion of length and height.
8. Avoid cropped pants because they cut down the apparent length of your legs and make them look even shorter.
9. Avoid high vamp shoes with skirts and dresses as they will visually cut down the length of your legs.
10. Wear a nude shoe with skirts and dresses.

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The Perfect Sheer Sweater for Layering

It is eventually going to get a bit colder ’round these parts, which is why you should take a page from my fall fashion playbook and invest in a sheer sweater or two. You can easily layer them over a tank top or under a jean jacket or trench to stay cozy as the temperatures start to drop. Lucky for you, I found five fashionable options, all under $60, for your shopping pleasure. Take a look, and tell me how you would style one in the comments.
Three Dots Sheer Jersey Cardigan, $44.99
Mango Sheer Detail Sweater, $39.99
Kensie Honeycomb Sweater, $31.99
LOFT Argyle Striped Sweater, $39.99
Society by Top Secret Society Sweater, $55.20