My Favorite Casual Look

You may be looking for a casual yet chic outfit for your next lunch date, weekend getaway or impromptu party. Men and women alike can rock the blazer and jeans look, without a lot of angst. Separately, a blazer and jeans are time worn classics, but by combining these wardrobe staples in your fashion diet, your style will never go hungry. I love a simple tshirt under the blazer for a causal look. Accessorize with belts, trendy handbags, scarves and jewelry to add an immediate wow factor to your look.
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Inspiration from Pinterest.

Too Old For Leggings?

Recently I was having a conversation with someone who asked if leggings were still “in” and if they were too old to wear them. My reply was that they are still around and are generally more flattering than a lot of the bright colored tights that are currently out in the marketplace, as leggings tend to be black, so they draw less attention to your legs than a hot pink pair of tights. Further, they are a great option when the weather is a bit cooler in the morning, and you may want to wear a skirt or dress with a ballet flat, peep toe or even sling backs, as they give you the option to take them off easily if the weather gets too warm during the day. They can add some extra coverage to a skirt or dress that is a little on the short side, or just warmth to your legs if you need it. They also create a longer flattering line from the end of your skirt hem lower down your leg that can visually elongate your legs. BUT remember, leggings are NOT a substitute for pants or a skirt. They are hosiery. Do not wear them with just a tshirt or top – you look like you forgot to finish getting dressed.

My New Obsession ~ Gingham

Despite all the pinup girl and western lady stereotypes that go along with gingham, it is a fabric worth having in your wardrobe. I have a fresh perspective on the pattern. Check out these outfit ideas below that offer plenty of inspiration for jumping aboard the gingham train. You might be surprised by how versatile the print is, so give it a try.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

How to Wear a Cape

A cape can be the superhero of your fall / winter wardrobe, working relentlessly to save your office, weekend, and even after hours looks from the mundane territory. Of course, it is all in the way you style the key piece. Since the trend can be tricky to master at first, I am showing you fresh outfit ideas (below) to try now with no mask or special powers required.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

4 Colors You Should Wear More Often

Pink ~ Pink is the ultimate fountain of youth, as it adds a fresh glow to any woman who wears it. The best way to wear it is head-to-toe, however if you love a feminine vibe or in small doses then tie a pink scarf close to your face for a less girly look. Pink mixes great with neutrals and denim. It can even translate perfectly to cocktail dressing.
Violet ~ A little bit of purple, a touch of blue. This flattering hue is soft enough to work on any complexion but vivid enough to brighten features. The best way to wear it is in cozy knits like sweaters and scarves, and as a bright alternative for cocktail dresses. Violet works perfectly with dark neutrals, so it is ideal as a color pop under a black, gray or navy jacket.
Bright Blue ~ Sure, it is bright and bold, but blue is such a wearable color for most skin tones that it works well (unlike other brights like lime green). Bright blue makes a great after five color, especially when it is done up in shiny fabrics. It also works for everything from basic tees to wool coats. Bright blue is also the perfect accent color for accessories.
Purple ~ A rich jewel tone, deep purple flatters everyone from dark skin tones to fairer skin. Do not save deep purple just for colder months. A darker shade of purple adds a jolt of sophistication to work wear when you pair a purple blouse with a pencil skirt. Also pairing denim with purple is a classic look.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

Yesterday I blogged about this website I found – – where you essentially rent clothes. I received my first item, which was a silk graphic print top in black, cream and brown today. I paired this blouse with a black pencil skirt, long necklace and my Nine West pumps. Tomorrow I will ship (for free) this item back to the company, and they will send me another piece. The fun part is you do not know what item from your online closet you will receive until it is en route. It is like selecting a piece from your closet blindfolded, and then you make your outfit around that piece. I love to have fun with fashion, and so can you!!