Do You Define Your Worth by Numbers?

What size are you? I know, that is a loaded question. I can tell you that I am not one size. It is not how I define myself and defining your self worth on a size is a VERY negative thing to do for your psychological health. I wear clothing that has size labels inside like everyone else, but I can tell you they vary significantly. I bought a skirt just the other day that was way too big, but I knew I could have it altered to fit ME. I have a jacket that is THREE sizes smaller than the dress I have on today. Our bodies are all so unique, and it is impossible for mass market clothing manufacturers to make garments that fit all of us. If you have an expectation that when you walk into a store that everything will fit your amazing body perfectly, well that is just plain crazy. Women have such varied bodies that there is no way this will ever happen. Different stores will have their own pattern blocks which are based on a set of arbitrary measurements, which are then grads up and down for different sizes, and we all know that when we put on or lose weight it does not come off in a totally even manner. Think of a size label as a VERY vague guide to a kind of approximation of how large or small a garment is. It has no value, particularly nothing to do with what kind of person you are. Whatever you do, do NOT put your life, or finding and creating your personal style, on hold until you are a certain size! Please, I beg you to believe, that you can be stylish no matter what that label says. Remember if you do not like the number on the label, cut it out. I do this all the time!! You are beautiful and can be stylish no matter your size, shape or age.

Dressing for the Holidays, Part 3

Are you still wondering what to wear for Thanksgiving? If you visited my blog the past two days, you know I have shared with you casual outfit ideas and dressy casual outfit ideas for Thanksgiving day. Today I am going to cover a dressy Thanksgiving outfit. Most people are with their families and they do not dress up, but just in case, here are my thoughts on dressy outfit ideas for Thanksgiving day. If your Thanksgiving day invite calls for dressy attire, do not hold back on what you wear. Of course it still needs to be appropriate, but you need to look fabulous. My recommendation would be a dress. It is still comfortable, yet stylish. Here are examples.
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Dressing for the Holidays, Part 2

Yesterday I shared with you a casual outfit idea for Thanksgiving. Today we are going to cover casual dressy outfits. When the dress code says casual dressy what do you reach for? Skirt, dresses, trousers? Or do you wonder what the heck do I wear? When the dress code calls for dressy casual it usually means no jeans, shorts or tshirts. Instead of jeans, you should wear trousers and instead of a tshirt opt for a nice blouse. Try to create a Thanksgiving outfit look for trousers that have a fun aspect to it. Instead of just going with brown or black look for forest green, burgundy or even a beautiful jacquard fabric. What are your outfit plans for the holidays? Are you having dinner at your parents? Wherever your Thanksgiving plans bring you make sure have a stylish outfit for the evening filled with festivities and family!
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Dressing for the Holidays

Are you ready for the holiday season? Well ’tis the season with all the family get-togethers and parties. If you were wondering what to wear for the holidays then you are in luck! In the upcoming days I am going to share Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve outfit ideas. From casual, dressy casual and dressy for each holiday. Thanksgiving is around the corner and that means yummy food, family gatherings and saying thanks for all the things we are grateful for in our lives. In addition to all those wonderful things we have to think about our Thanksgiving outfit. Depending on your plans for the holiday you will have to consider what dress is appropriate for the gathering. Casual, dressy casual or dressy. These three “dress codes” cover the variety of occasions that might occur. Over the next three days I am going to share with you three different outfits keeping these three dress styles in mind. Today I share with you a casual Thanksgiving outfit. You have a lot of options when it comes to casual dress, just do not be too casual. An easy and casual Thanksgiving outfit formula is dark wash jeans, boots, fall colored sweater, which you can accessorize to your taste. As for the sweater, I would go for something light. Most likely you will be indoors, and it will be warm. Here are some examples:
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How to Wear Striped Shirts For Fall

There is nothing quite like the striped shirt. Though often associated with spring and summer, the striped shirt is actually just as relevant right now and might be the perfect complimentary piece to a layered fall look. Stripes can be intimidating. They are bold, they are brazen and they can be a little difficult to wear. Some people fear that horizontal stripes make you look wider, which so not true. They can be a little too bold for the wallflowers among us. So it is understandable that some would be hesitant about them. But stripes can also be fun and exciting, injecting a little bit of punk rock into an everyday outfit. Why not give them a whirl this fall!!
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Liven up Your Workout Clothes

Do you prefer dark or bright workout clothes? If you like wearing black but are inching towards color then keep on reading. A vital part of any wardrobe are workout clothes that help you spring you into action. Bold and bright workout clothes can give you the energy to workout a little harder and a little longer. The right workout outfit will give you that nudge to make exercise an integral part of your stylish life. If you have not added bright workout clothes to your gear it is time to go from basic to bold. Our positive psychological reaction to bright colors makes the transition from black to pink or blue not be as hard as you think. Studies show that brighter clothes display high self esteem and confidence. Start by changing your color palette to compliment your skin tone and see if it improves your confidence. This is true in and out of the gym. When shopping, search for your favorite patterns and colors in workout pants and tops. When you put on the right colors you feel more confident, energetic and you will have an extra pep in your workout step.
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The Military Style Jacket

The military style jacket is synonymous with fall. Once the weather gets crisp and the leaves start falling the military style jackets appear everywhere. It is not necessarily a trendy item, it is a jacket that comes around every year. Though the style varies from year to year, the essence of the military style jacket stays in tact. For example, popular variations have larger pockets or elbow patches. As you might imagine, there are tons of ways you can wear a military style jacket.

Transition your white jeans into fall by pairing them with a military style jacket. This outfit kills two birds with one stone. First, you bring your favorite white jeans into fall, because you know you can wear white after Labor Day. Second, you create one stylish and unique look. In this outfit, you want to keep your outfit color palette relatively light. Try to stay away from harsh contrasts. To keep on the military style theme, note the structured chambray shirt instead of a loose flowy top. Best way to complete the look is to add your favorite ankle boots and make sure to roll up your jeans.
The perfect outfit for transitional weather is a military style jacket with a skirt and gingham shirt. This cute fall outfit is great when it is not that cold and you can wear a skirt without tights. Since military jackets usually have an oversized fit, you will have plenty of room to layer or belt it. Here is a style tip, do not buy a military style jacket that is too tight, instead, find a perfect slightly oversized one so you have room to layer.
For a casual fall outfit, pair a military style jacket with denim and stripes. Most of the time you can add stripes to any outfit. Stripes are the universal pattern, somehow, no matter the outfit it almost always makes an outfit better. With four key pieces you can easily put together this simple casual outfit. All you need: a military style jacket, striped shirt, jeans, and booties. Accessorize to your preference.
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