Hooray for Hats

I think hats may be the forgotten accessory. Unfortunately, I think hats have gotten a bad rap since they fell out of fashion in the late 1960s. Have you ever flirted from beneath the brim of a fedora, shaded your unblemished complexion from the summer sun with a straw hat, or sipped cappuccino thoughtfully in your beret? All but a very few of us have abandoned hats to the crazy ladies. Some women do not look good in hats, just as some should avoid turtlenecks or string bikinis. Many women believe they look terrible in hats, but in reality simply do not know how to wear them. There are five ways you can dramatically increase your odds:

1. Find a color that complements your skin. Hats are closer to your face than anything else you wear. Hence, if the color is not flattering, it will be especially noticeable. Try the hat on natural light. If it makes you look sallow, put it back.

2. Wear your hair differently. Many women just plunk a hat on top of their everyday hairstyle. If you already have a wide face, this can exaggerate it to an unflattering effect, especially if you have long or full hair. If you really like a particular hat, but just do not think it works on you, try pulling your hair back in a tight chignon or a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, or pinning the front sections back. At the very least, tuck hair behind your ears. It may improve matters dramatically.

3. Choose a hat that works with your face shape. If you have an oval or triangular face, you are one lucky girl. You can wear almost any hat, and you can wear it as far forward or back as you please. You can also pick any kind of brim without looking like you are wearing a life preserver on your head. If you have a round or square face, wear your brims on an angle when possible. You will want the crown of the hat to be at least as wide as your face. Hats with a wide, high crown will work especially well. If you have an oblong face, stay away from tall hats. Wide brims will counterbalance the vertical stretch. You might also try pulling the brim down to your eyebrows to shorten your face and to hide excess forehead.

4. Make sure the hat is angled to its best advantage. If a hat does not look good when you first try it on, you may not be wearing it far enough forward or back. Many hats, especially stiffer hats made of felt or straw, will also wear better when you tilt them slightly. Try angling your hat to the right or left, and look at it from every direction in the mirror. It may look good from the front, but terrible from the side. Keep fussing until you find a position that works. If you cannot, assume that the hat is ugly and keep shopping.

5. Be sure you’re wearing the correct size. The average female head size is twenty-two and one half inches. If the hat comes down over your ears, or falls off easily, you will want a smaller size. If you fuss with your hat, or if it makes your forehead itch, go up a size or two.

Happy Hat Shopping!!

This is my 200th Blog

I am very excited to say that this blog marks my 200th post! Thank you to all of those who have taken the time to read my fashion blogs. I hope that you have found them to be informative, inspirational and helpful. I have thoroughly enjoyed creating them. I could go on and on about fashion and style, trust me. With that being said, I would love your feedback. What topic have I not covered that you would like to read about? Do you have any questions that you would like for me to answer? I welcome all comments and questions. Please continue to follow me for the next 200 posts!!
200th blog post

What Gretchen Wore

I am starting to pull out my fall clothes even though the temperatures are still not cooling down much here in South Carolina. But I know some of my followers are from Illinois and other northern states, where it has started to turn chilly. I am trying to will fall to hurry up down here! So, for today’s look I wore this multi-colored faux wrap dress from Dress Barn ($59.99). I added a textured black jacket from Lane Bryant ($50) and the gold statement necklace from Baublebar.com. I choose my Nine West peep toes sling back heels today; however, this would also look good with black knee high boots and tights later this fall.

Blue Tshirt ~ Blue Jeans

Belinda loves this blue vneck royal blue tshirt and jeans. So I wanted to show her a few different ways to wear them, giving her more options.
I added a structured short sleeve white jacket and added some accessories.
Then to switch things up, I added a leopard print scarf and black leather jacket.

The Perfect Fall Color ~ Mustard

Perhaps my admiration for the color mustard is inspired by the changing color of the leaves during fall, but every season mustard makes a comeback as we move into the colder months. The idea of wearing the color as a neutral may seem a bit overwhelming, but when you break it up by wearing a variety of textures and prints, the look can be quite flattering. For those of you not ready to jump on the mustard bandwagon, I have included some ideas below that hint at the color without overwhelming your eye.
Inspiration from Pinterest.

What Gretchen Wore

You probably remember this royal blue dress from my post on May 27th. As temperatures start to cool this fall, I wanted to be able to continue to wear this versatile dress. So when I found this fitted white jacket at Lane Bryant last weekend for only $29.99 on sale, I was stoked. I added a multi-colored necklaces, nude sling back pumps from Nine West and my favorite mustard colored clutch from DSW to finish off the look. Since the dress and jacket are solid colors, you could easily add different accessories to change the look.

Style Tips for Wearing a Cardigan

How to wear a cardigan…seems like a relatively simple question with an equally simple answer. However, when it comes to the humble cardigan you will be surprised as to the number of ways that it can be styled. Gone are the days of the dowdy twinset. These days the cardigan is a fashionable wardrobe staple. Below are just a few examples of how to wear a cardigan.

~ Belted ~
Cardigans can sometimes be shapeless, so change this by adding a belt. A belt cinched in at the waist is great for creating an hourglass silhouette. Choose a skinny belt and wear with a light to medium knit cardigan.
~ With a Scarf ~
A simple way to update your cardigan is to team it with a fashionable scarf. The right scarf can work wonders. Wear a chunky one for warmth, or add a silky scarf worn open and draped for something more chic.
~ Buttoned Up ~
A buttoned up cardigan is a great way to work a preppy look. This look works best on cardigans with higher, rounded necklines. A collar peeking out of the top would also make an on trend statement.
~ Tucked In ~
Tuck your cardigan into high waisted skirts or trousers for something a bit different. This is also a great way to show off a high-waisted silhouette. A tip for how to wear a cardigan this way would be to choose a cardigan that is fairly fitted.
Inspiration from Pinterest.