What Gretchen Wore

I have a funny story about today’s outfit.  I found this jacket on a sale rack at Steinmart a couple of months ago. The tag indicated it retailed for $89, but Steimart’s price was $39.99.  However, it was now on the sale rack for $19. I was in line getting ready to checkout, when I overheard the lady ahead of me ask about their instore coupon on sale items.  So when it was my turn to checkout, I asked if I could use the instore coupon and the sales lady said yes.  I purchased this jacket for $11.  But here is the funny part….I get home all excited about my $11 jacket and show my son.  I tell him the whole savings story. He proceeds to tell me it is the most hideous jacket he has ever seen. Thank you for sugar coating your feeling Darren, geez.  Anyway, I love it.  Today, I paired it over a black dress today and added my red peep toe pumps for a pop of color.  This jacket is so versatile because of the colors….it will go with numerous items in my wardrobe.  What does a 25 year old young man know about fashion anyway….LOL.


Old Sweater ~ New Idea

I am willing fall weather to hit South Carolina with every blog post.  It is my favorite season for fashion. So here a quick tip about boot warmers. Of course, you can purchase new boot warmers.  But why not get creative with an old sweater and make your own…..for free.  It is as simple as cutting off part of the sleeves. This way there is no sewing required.  What a cool idea, huh?


Inspiration from Pinterest.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Bad weather can be depressing! However, you can still look stylish on a rainy day. From what type of material you can wear to how to stay dry without sacrificing style, dressing well when it is rainy out just requires a little planning in advance. Here are some of my rainy days tips.

1. Add a pop of color. Do not be scared to wear something fun and bright on a rainy day. Nothing brightens my mood more than a bold colored outfit.

2. Invest in a class trench coat. Trench coats can be inexpensive and super cute. They are such a classic and essential piece to have in your wardrobe. They are perfect for all occasions and especially rainy days.

3. Be careful of the materials you wear. Obviously suede is not a good choice. I would avoid leather shoes that have not been treated as well. You do not want to ruin your shoes.

4. Go crazy with the rain boots. There are so many cute rain boots out there today to fit everyone’s sense of style. Like scarves, they literally come in every color. Have fun and find a pair you love!

5. A sassy umbrella can be an awesome accessory. There are so many choices, so you do not have to stick to boring black.

A rainy day could dampen your inner fashionista, but do not let it. You can avoid becoming a rainy day disaster by planning ahead.

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What Gretchen Wore

I am a little obsessed with polka dots right now.  I found this black and white polka dot dress last weekend when I was looking for something completely different of course.  The sale at Macy’s was just too good to pass up!  Everything on their sale racks was 75% off.  I added a little pop of color with my fuchsia peep toes pump.  When the weather starts to get a little chilly, I will just add the black fitted jacket I already own.  By the way, a black fitted jacket is a must have for fall / winter.

best withoutbest with jacket

Please ignore my squinty eyes and blowing hair.  The wind and sun were not cooperating with this photo shoot.

Maximize Your Wardrobe Budget

The thought of having a closet full of clothes you love sounds amazing, but trying to afford it can seem scary. But even on the tiniest budget, a little bit of strategy and a few simple tricks can get you a great wardrobe without taking the fun out of shopping. I will help you figure out how much to spend, what purchases will have the biggest impact, how to find quality clothes for a good price and how to get the most out of your shopping trip.

When I go shopping, I try to live by the motto, “buy less, but choose well.” I try to treat my shopping like a treasure hunt for the ultimate wardrobe. When I buy new clothes, I make a shopping list, size up my options, and stick to the 70/30 rule.  70% of your closet should be classic pieces like a great white top and awesome black handbag, and the 30% should be for trendy, fun pieces like a hot pair of fuchsia pumps. That way, your closet is always in balance.  As a result, I have been able to find better clothes for my body, personality and budget. I am building a wardrobe that I love wearing everyday, and can actually afford. You can do it too. Let me show you how to shop on a budget, but still buy nice clothes and have fun doing it.

Have you ever seen a stylist’s mood board plastered with magazine pages, fabric swatches, photos of celebrities, postcards of art, and other random stuff? Stylists use these collages to capture a specific mood or style while working on a project. You should do the same. Before you go shopping, think of yourself as your own personal stylist and improving your closet as your current project. Your goal is to build on what you have, enhancing and adding to your collection of clothes.  Here are some tips.

  • Get Inspired – Gather style inspiration images in one place. Look carefully for common threads like colors, prints, and clothing shapes.
  • Make a Wish List Based on What You Own – Make a wish list of clothes that complement the favorites you already own. See what you realistically like to wear everyday. Keeping an actual record of what you wear may reveal some surprising trends in your wardrobe. While making your wish list, think about items that might pair well with your most worn items. You will get the most wear out of new items that look great with your current favorites.
  • Avoid Repeat Purchases – Look at the clothes you still have from last season and compare them to your wish list. You may actually own similar items to those you were hoping to buy. Unless the ones you own are worn out and need replacement, you can take some of these off your wish list, freeing up room in your budget for higher-impact purchases.
  • Find the Right Place To Shop – Look for a mall, street, or shopping center that has more than one store you want to visit. This will help you avoid wasting time browsing stores that do not have the products you are looking for.